October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rest day at Winton

Gosh it is hot up here! ... I know I was complaining it was cold only a few weeks ago! Today the wind was alot less than what it has been so we assume a change is coming and believe it or not when we looked at the forecast for the next few days - there is a change coming and tomorrow we will have a tailwind when we thought that since we will be changing direction and moving in an easterly direction that we would be getting head winds!
The town of Winton is small but quaint and I reckon it has alot more charm than Longreach and out of the 2 I think I prefer Winton. I took a few photos of in and around town.

The above photo is a tribute to Banjo Patterson and below is a photo of a windmill and some wagon that I forgot to go over and read about it - but I am sure it is off some important significance to the town!

The main street has at least 3 pubs and here is one below!

Below is a photo of the main street

And all along the main street the rubbish bins are inside these dinosaur feet moulds! I suppose since dinosaurs are one of the major tourist draw cards to the town.

Tomorrow we head up the Kennedy Development road to Hughenden and I am rather excited to be going on this road as it is not exactly a major highway and according to Neil there will be no road trains - the campground is on the corner of this development road and I just had to point out every road train that came from Hughenden on this road and every road train that is going to hughenden on this road! It is a narrower road - basically it is a single lane road and we have to get off the road whenever a truck or car or caravan comes from either direction! so it will be a 3 day ride to Hughenden.

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