October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Amby to Mungallala

Amby to Mungallala = 70km
Cummulative total = 2704km

There were at least 7 lots of vans at the Amby hotel last night and only 2 had power and the rest of us were free to camp and everyone that was there (with the exception of us) spent money on either drinks or a meal at the pub so that is probably why the pubs offer free camping as they make the money at the pub itself!
We woke nice and early and had breakfast to a cloudy day and reports on the news said there was fog and next thing you know there was fog all around us - thick fog! We started just after 8am and it wasn't long before we decided to pull up and sit the fog out - I was petrified that cars couldn't see us as we even had trouble seeing them in the fog even though they had lights on - the trucks were okay as you could hear them well before you could see them! So after around 30mins of riding with white knuckles we found a pull over and stayed there for around 1 and 1/2 hours! we started just before 10am. By then the fog had lifted and it was the usual cloudy day!

It was cold to say the least and I rode with my polyprop on all day again - it is getting to the point that it is quite smelly but I am not caring about that as it keeps me warm!
We got to Mitchell just on lunchtime and stocked up on dinner meals and had our cuppa there. Since it was so late and we still had another 45km to go I decided that it was too cold and too late to take a dip in the Artesian baths.
The road to Mungallala was up and down with some long climbs, not difficult mind you, just that you knew you were climbing alot and coupled with a headwind that made things difficult and it wasn't until 3.30pm that we got to Mt Mungallala which is quite late for us. By the time we got there we were worn out since the day was so looooooong! So it wasn't a very exciting day for us ... as Neil described it, it was 'ho-hum'.
We stayed at the Cobb and Co. rest stop which had a toilet, raintank and a table with shelter. At that time of the day it didn't look too appealing but there wasn't anything else - the pub but that looked just as bad! It was close to the road so we could hear the traffic (especially trucks) but that didn't worry us we seem to be getting use to the sound of them now during the night and most of the time we will sleep through them.

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