October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nive River bush camp to Tambo

Nive River bush camp to Tambo = 46km
Cummulative total = 2966km

Didn't quite make the 3000km mark today! We woke early this morning and since there was a gentle breeze during the night the tent was dry to pack away. We watched the sun come up while having breakfast thinking that it was going to warm us up ... but once it was up it ducked behind some clouds and we haven't seen it all day long! and the wind became stronger (albeit a very strong south easterly - a tail wind for us) and the temperature didn't rise much further - it was the nastiest laziest wind we have had this trip - I was cycling in my polyprop and my polar fleece vest - I hadn't ridden in the vest at all this trip but today it was just soooooooo cold! Our toes 'hurt' and hurt for quite a while before they thawed out!
Our first break was about 20km from the bush camp and it only took us an hour to do that 20km thanks to the incredibly strong tail wind! and at this point they had a point of interest marker and I took a photo of it ...

... I am not quite sure what it is exactly - it didn't say how high we were or if it was at a point in the continental divide but from that point we began to go gently down!

This is the road that we cycled on after our break you do meander down a bit but not alot and we got to Tambo which is 396m above sealevel.
I managed to get a photo of the town sign.

We were here very early and went to the cheaper of the 2 campgrounds - $18 for a powered site for 2 people and the other is $27 we think. Not exactly a great campground but okay for the budget conscience or for some one who would rather spend the money on food (and that is us!) We will stay here tomorrow before a 3 day ride to Barcaldine.
Tomorrow we will go on a walk around the town taking in the sites.

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