October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mungallala to Morven

Mungallala to Morven = 46km
Cummulative total = 2750km

I didn't sleep to well last night and I think it was because I was too hot! Everyone keeps saying that "oh it can get cold out here in the night, below 0" and we have yet to have a cold night and I am beginning to wonder just exactly how long ago was this night this person experienced where it got below 0? I am thinking that it is not too often that it does dip below 0 and if it does that it is a freak occurance!
Anyway while we had breaky this morning I looked around at the rest area didn't look half as bad as what it did last night! I could see it in a different light, ie. the morning light!

I particularly liked the toilet block - clean and had toilet paper and they had painted it and labelled the mens 'rams' and womens 'ewes' ... in fact they do that alot out here in the country ... I wonder how it would go if they did it in the city!!!
We started off at around 8.30am and it was a beautiful bright sunny day and my first thought was just how long this was going to last before the BIG rolling clouds come through? (just for reference the sun stayed all day!!).
Unless it is our imagination but it felt like we were climbing a fair bit this morning and even neil thought so and he clocked it at 11.5km before we dipped down. It is not overyly hilly but you just know that you are climbing.
We had our first break at 17km and it was in a driveway of a farm and a stock route area and I loved the letterbox of the farm

We continued on and it was up and down but we had a nice shoulder and the traffic was very courteous to us. The landscape is still beautiful and there was alot of scrubby type trees with a few large pine trees but it is very green and the dirt is red!
We took another break at 31km and had a cuppa and decided to stop at Morven instead of continuing on. We got to Morven just before 12 and decided to stay at the Recreation ground which has a few vans here, no more powered spots available for vans, but there is a huge shed and we can use one of the power points there. It is a lovely spot and our tent is well away from the vans. It has toilets and showers which are new and really clean.
The internet reception here is not great - dial up speed! Not too sure if we will stay here tomorrow or move on.

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