October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, June 14, 2010

Blackall to Black Boy Creek bush camp

Blackall to Black Boy bush camp = 79km
Cummulative total = 3147km

Last time I did the blog I was sitting outside the council buildings in Blackall using their power points while Neil and Kouta chased the sun around the grounds trying to keep warm - there was a fair bit of wildlife around the council grounds and as well as the green frog Neil also came across these 2 Kookaburras sitting on the light pole. When I look at the 2 sitting there it looks a bit like Neil and I - I am the one on the right looking at Neil while I am talking to him and Neil is the one on the left ... suppose to be listening at me but really he is looking off to the side not really listening to what I am saying!!!

The photo below is off a guy who came from Blackall named Towers' and it is a dedication to his calling when going off to war.

And below is me chatting to Mum and Sharon on skype.

We left Blackall around 10.15am which is pretty late and we had a cross tail wind most of the day but not as strong as the day before. Funny enough just north of Blackall there were HEAPS of bushcamping oppportunities! mainly because both sides of the road was unfenced and there were tracks everywhere running off into the bush!
But with the lack of fences running alongside the road this could only mean 1 thing ... it was a Kangaroo graveyard out there - over the course of the day we reckon we would have seen at least 3oo kangaroo corpses ... but don't worry we saw heaps alive along the way grazing in the open fields! so they are not becoming an extinct or endangered species ... yet! It is quite distressful at times seeing these kangaroos all over the sides and on the road and the smell can be really offensive and stomach churning too!
There was alot of gradual climbing today so I am not sure how high up we are! but the road was absolutely atrocious (spelling?) for us and also for the caravans and trucks ... they were bouncing along the highway!
While riding along at some point we saw these 2 Brolgas a bit hard to see in this photo -

They are reasonably big birds too.
At about the 70km mark we started to look for a bushcamp site but can you believe this there was nowhere to camp, it was fenced again on one side and then there were no tracks to get off. We eventually found one at 79km and it was sort of a droving run with water troughs for the cattle - but there were no cattle around unlike our first choice of bushcamping - it was a drovers spot and there were fresh cattle dung everywhere and burrs so Neil was petrified that cattle may come in the night and trample over the tent with us in it! so we found this one.

This is the track in ...

And this is the spot at sunset - you can see the water tanks just above where the bikes are and the water troughs are behind the tent. Although no cattle came there were a few birds that drank from the troughs!
I was quite glad when we found a spot as I don't think I could have made it to Barcaldine and I was beginning to get a little weary and it was getting late in the day - close to 4pm. And believe it or not just before turning off to the bush camp even Kouta was beginning to feel it as he actually laid down in his basket while I was cycling along - he has never done that before he has always sat up but I think after the long day to Blackall and another long day to this bushcamp I just think it was too much for him because he just slept from stopping to starting again the next morning!

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