October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Robe to Kingston SE

Robe to Kingston SE = 43km
Cummulative total = 587km
Gosh I am sitting here along the beach front of Kingston SE and there is not a sould around! There is a gentle breeze coming of the ocean and is getting stronger by the minute and I am across from where are tent is at the caravan park. It is in the sun so it is nicer to come across the road and there is a table between to Norfolk Island pines and so I have a little shade. It is not an overly hot day and it is a little cloudy but nice altogether.
A few problems on the road today 1 lady decides to squeeze through while overtaking us at 110km per hour (speed limit here in SA) and while another car is coming the other way - believe it or not all 3 of us were lined up together on a road that is only wide enough for 2 cars! We also nearly had another accident a little further up the road - unfortunately a person towing a caravan completely misjudge everything and approach us at 100km per hour as we were going into a blind corner and realises that he will have to go on the other side of the road despite that fact that he cannot see any oncoming traffic and he does and he is in the middle of the road and realises that there is another car about 20m in front who must have guessed from Neils arm waving (to the guy driving the caravan) that there is someone overtaking us - so the he moves off the road - really some people just shouldn't be driving! But otherwise it was a boring days ride really especially after Mt Benson. Riding through there was nice as there are quite alot of vineyards and just for you Mum I took these photos so you can fondly remember your grape picking, pruning, tying etc days!

After Mt Benson the road just meanders through so rather ordinary scenery - because this is the Limestone Coast there doesn't look like much that can grow here except salt bush! so there are no real majestic gums or trees just shrubs that look like they are struggling in sandy soil! There is also alot of swamp land around.
Anyway we get to Kingston SE (SE = south east) and it looks like a lovely town. Quiet compared to Robe and the houses are smaller and holiday homes. The houses in Robe are bigger and holiday homes but to say Robe Homes are overstated is an understatement!!! I tell you - you walk around there and it is like they are all trying to compete with each other with regard to house size, style and all the accessories!
Across from the caravan park is the beach and Neil decides to go for a swim.

I look back towards the caravan park and you can see our little yellow tent between the pine trees - well I am sitting between those pine trees right now doing this blog.
It took Neil ages to get in the water and Kouta decides to follow (thinking I am following him behind him!)

The shoreline

Kouta following Neil into the water and seems okay about it .... a few steps later he realises that he doesn't like this sort of water ....

Neil says "come on in Kouta"
Kouta says "Ya dreaming Jonesy!"
While waiting for Neil to get in the actual water and get wet above the knees you can see the different colours where the lighter grey is shallow and the darker grey is very deep according to Neil. While watching I spotted something in the water ....

so I took a photo ... I think it might be a 'bumback whale' I am not sure! It is big and white and floats! I thinks the species is known as Neiljonesicus
We have a rest day here tomorrow.

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