October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, February 7, 2011

Millicent to Beachport

Millicent to Beachport = 38km
Cummulative total = 484km
A nice short day today so we slept in a little bit. Before we set off we stopped by Woolworths to restock on a lot of food - it was open today!
The day forecast was for light winds and we weren't sure which way they were going to blow as for Millicent you got the Mt Gambier report and that said WSW winds and for Beachport you got the Robe report and that said SE winds - which ever way we had light winds almost none and if it did blow it was more a cross wind so I say it was more a SW wind.
We had been along this road before and the speed limit in SA is 110 in open roads and we can understand why there are so many black (death) and red (injury) markers on the side of the road! There is traffic along this road but not constant, no real shoulder to speak off the the surface is a little bumpy in places. It was good riding and we got to Beachport just on lunchtime. Last time we came here we had a rest day and it was fine but a very cold southerly was blowing so it was a little freezing - today it is fine and warm and the beach view is absolutely gorgeous!

Not many people around just the normal grey brigade in big groups so the campground is big and we are at the council one which is at the other end of town.

we are camped under a nice big tree that gives us shade in the afternoon - although it is a little cool in the shade as the wind has started to blow this afternoon.
We went for a walk this afternoon (much to Koutas disgust - he doesn't like walking when we travel I think because he is a little tired) and we walked along the beach shore line.

the above photo is taken with the camera normally and look at the colour of the sea -
now look below and look at the colour of the sea -

No they are not the same colour and there is a difference so don't say that you can't see any difference! the photo below is taken with my sunglasses in front of my camera lens. Hence why in brochures you see the water colour a brilliant blue green colour - that is not the colour of the sea but the damn photographer has used a filter!
Which ever way you look at the sea (with or without sunnies) the water colour is beautiful.
Beachport has a long pier which we walked along last year but Kouta wasn't really enthused about walking along it again.

It is popular with boaties and fishing and I can imagine that it would be a very busy place in the weekends.
Tomorrow we head for Robe which is alot like Beachport I think - I have never been up that way before.

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