October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, February 4, 2011

Rest Area 15km before Nelson to Port MacDonnell

Bush camp 15km before Nelson to Port MacDonnell = 46km
Cummulative total = 371km
We all had a good nights sleep last night and since this is the first bushcamp of the tour I didn't freak out like I did last time I camped here - I had a touch of 'Blairwitch project movie' going on last time!
We over slept as per usual and didn't get away until just before 9am. Just down the road we came across 2 emus (there were more according to Neil but I only saw 2) in a field and I managed to get 1 of them in the photo.

this one above was running to be with the other one but a car came past and scared both of them off so I couldn't get a photo of them together.
Heaps more trucks this morning - I assume we had caught them as they were going to Mt Gambier. They were all very courteous and we got heaps of beeps (positive ones if there is such a thing as a 'positive' beep!) and waves. Since the side of the road has been tacked on after the main road has been built that part tends to be rough so we ride out in the lane on the smooth part and move as soon as we see a truck.
15km down the road is Nelson and we took a wee break there. Nelson is small and has only a milk bar, pub and info center. It does have a caravan park - small and nice - it is called River vu caravan park. there was another touring cyclist there and he came over to chat with us - he is from Austria and is cycling from Perth to Sydney. he said it costs $10 to camp at the caravan park which is quite good value.

This is the lake(?) that is at the mouth of the Glenelg river and it goes out to sea.
Not far from Nelson is the South Australia - Victoria border.

From this point you go another few kms and there is a turnoff for Port MacDonnell but just before that turnoff is the place where quite a few of the trucks that were overtaking us go - to pick up Limestone and cart it all the way back to Portland to load onto the ships.
Along the Port MacDonnell road is nothing but farm land - milking cows I think and we did stop at some farm gate for a cuppa but the flies eventually got to us and we cut our break short!
A few kms down the road we came across a sign warning that stock was crossing and we got just before a farm and the farmer came out in his ute followed by an herd of cows - The farmer said it was okay to go through but then he saw kouta and said better not as the cows might get a bit antsy. so we stopped and watched the cows walk down the road.

Whenever I see a herd of milking cows I always remember a NZ advert about milk and 'milking with murray' was the catch phrase.
This is the 3rd day cycling for us and the legs carried me as far as the coast (12km short of Port MacDonnell) and then they decided that they were a little weary! So the last 10km was a bit slower! The scenery along the coast was nice - earlier on in the day it was clouded over but the sun was beginning to shine through now and there was a slight haze over the ocean.

It is not very clear because of the ocean haze but that is Port MacDonnell in the distant. It is famous for its Lobster and not shown in the photo is a fleet of fishing boats out in the ocean - I presume they are trying to catch Lobster.
We are at the campground just as you come into town and it is nice and quiet - not alot of people here and if they are they tend to me from Mt Gambier (just up the road!) or Hamilton.
We are on a powered site as it was only $3 more. There is not much shade but between the sites are hedges so we are hard up against a hedge to get shade from 3.30pm onwards.
South Australia is 1/2 hour behind Victoria so we are not sure whether or not to change all the speedometer clocks - I have forgotten how to do mine so I might have to just take 30mins of the time I see.
The campground has a kitchen with bbq, gas burners, fridge, toaster and jug and believe it or not the washing machines are free - so we have done our laundry. But you have to pay for your showers which is only 10 cents and that is for a while - I used 30 cents as I hadn't had a shower since Heywood and you sort of take longer when you haven't had a shower! Otherwise I think 10 cents would have been enough for me - definitely for Neil.
We stay here tomorrow for a rest day.

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