October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, November 9, 2009

Yarrawonga - Numurkah

Yarrawonga - Numurkah = 60km
Cummulative total = 1061km

After leaving the free bbq area yesterday it was still hot - lucky it was only a short ride to the bushcamp. It was easy to find thanks to the Google mapping system and my rudimentary sketch of it!
As soon as we got there we pitched up the tent, didn't bother with the fly since the night was also going to be warm (needless to say that by not putting the fly on you are inviting either rain or bird droppings on the inner - we got the latter!!!)
Below is a photo of the tent spot we chose.

Once that was done and since neither of us bought our bathers along we threw ourselves into the Murray ... clothes in all! so ladies you don't have to worry about the photo below ... Neil is not skinny dipping!!

Now that was a lovely and welcome relief from the heat. Kouta refused to come in so he just sat on the bank being hot and panting away!
Not too many swimmers here but there was 2 boats with water skiers going up and down until dusk. So I was a little annoyed that they stayed there that long as it was lovely just sitting there enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the Murray ... and then vroom, vrooooom, vroooooooom!!!
Damn skiers! ... mind you they did invite karma as they ran out of diesel and had to row their boat back to where they were stationed!!!! see they pushed the 'boundaries' just that little too far and just had to do one more vrooooom up and down the river to destroy my peace and tranquility and what happens ... "row, row, row your boat!!!" LOL!!!

Ah the beautiful Murray river ... I would love to have this river in my back yard! (instead I have Dandenong creek!)
We woke nice and early and didn't have much to pack up and were away by 7.30am! Just as well as we had a slighty longer day today of 60km and wanted to get to Numurkah before lunch and heat.
We took road C361 which was flat (and we had a slight tailwind) and busy with locals and trucks until Katematite and then we continued on with that road to Numurkah which was alot quieter between Katematite and Numurkah. There was one point somewhere in our past plans to actually stay at Katematite as it said it has a caravan park ... well with a population of only 300 there was no caravan park in sight!!
Whereas Numurkah is a bigger town (pop. 4600) and the caravan park is lovely, we have a nice shady spot by the river, pond, lake (not too sure what it is!) and the facilities are good with an excellent camp kitchen.
We stay here again tomorrow for a rest day and I think we will just be moving from one shady spot to another over the course of the day!

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