October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beechworth to Wangaratta

Beechworth - Wangaratta = 46km (via the rail trail ridden Wednesday 4 Nov 2009)

Cummulative total = 908km

After a very sleepless nights sleep due to the local Koalas grunting and growling we headed for Wangaratta via the rail trail. Since Beechworth is about 500m above sea level and Wangaratta is lower we knew there would be a down hill section to the path and it was a good one!!! Because of the easier gradients on rail trails the down hill part was very long (at least 19km long!) and then tappered off to a flat section to Wangaratta. The entire trail is sealed and is a fabulous trail and it is just unfortunate that the section between Bowser and Wangaratta is really just a mix and match combo of old trail and patchy roads until you ride along the top of the levee. But we can't complain as it is a shame that ALL rail trails are not sealed!

Neils folks met us here in Wangaratta and now we will see the surrounding area in the luxury of a car!!! They are staying in a cabin while we are still camping but are spending alot of time in the cabin, unfortunately Kouta is not allowed in the cabin so he stays outside ... but in the car! I think he is becoming a bit too attached to the back seat of the car ... he will have to get over that luxury very quickly as he will be back on the bike trailer this Saturday morning!

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