October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Numurkah to Kyabram

Numurkah - Kyabram = 58km
Cummulative total = 1119km

It is damn hot, real hot, stinking hot!!! It is not supposed to be this hot up here this time of the year - it was 37.5 @ 2 o'clock this afternoon! it was like that yesterday, the day before, the day before that etc, and it is going to be like that well into the weekend! funny though we are either complaining that it is too cold and it is a lazy wind or we are complaining about the heat ... we are never satisfied!!!
Nevertheless we are here in Kyabram and since it is so hot we have been getting up early and cycling in the morning and getting to the campspot before lunch, thanks to very flat quiet roads and a ever so slight tailwind, but I think all that hill climbing the other week has made our leg muscles stronger!
We spent yesterday as a rest day in Numurkah and again it was a hot day and we just kept moving from one shady spot to another. The nights are extremely warm so we sleep only with the mesh doors up.
On our first night we didn't realise there would be possums (as it hasn't been a problem in the past) so we left our food panniers in the small vestibule as usual. We all jumped into bed and so did kouta at the end of the tent near the small vestibule and we watch him and he is just quietly sitting in his bed looking out into the small vestibule area ... he didn't move, or get excited or bark ... he just sat there, so Neil sat up and asked what he was looking at (I swear one day Kouta is going to reply to us if we continue talking to him like we do!!!) and Neil realises that there is a possum sitting on our food panniers! and here is Kouta our ever trustful guard dog just looking at them stupidly!
So Neil got out and shooed them away and the panniers came into the tent. The possums were not scared of him as they came up to him ... so Neil just had to get the camera out!

Pete and Paul the pet possums!

And here they are again the next night, this time Neil went in search of them just to get a photo of them!
So here we are at Kyabram Caravan park, well this has a star rating of about 1/2. I think it is because it is sooooo hot and there isn't much shade, and everything is run down your first impressions are oh my god! and all I could say was Neil it was your decision to come here my decision was to go over a hill!!!
But we pitched our tent and sort off tidied up the camp kitchen and just sat here! The campground owner came up and gave us some iced water and an icy pole each! so now the ranking goes up to 2 stars, but the amenities block is clean which is the main thing!
Tomorrow we go feral again and bush camp somewhere north of Elmore on the Campaspe River.

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