October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, October 1, 2012



I couldn't wait to get out of Underbool this morning - I woke to find one of the womens toilets constantly running water and wouldn't flush and the disabled toilet in such a state that it was unfit for even a dog to do their business in there so I had to get Neil to stand outside the mens toilet while I went in there!  While eating brekky the guy comes over to clean them!
We went for a little walk around last night and went to look at the silos which were emptied recently and I suppose waiting for this years crop.
As you can see they are huge and if you look closer at the one on the left you can see hoops around it ... there is a reason for that and that would be the cracks at the sides!

just to the right of the grey patch is a black line going up and a white line going down ... that is one crack and you can see more to the left of this crack!
Just opposite where we pitched our tent is a few old bits and pieces - the first is the old jailhouse

and here is a close up of the plaque that is on the wall ...
yep you read right it was used from 1919 to 2002! scary to think that 10 years ago it was still in use!
we also came across this 'domestic water carrier' 
So we managed to leave just after 8am and as you can see from the profile it was a very undulating road.  Every 10km there is a wheat siding for the grain train to be loaded.  The Mallee highway is a road that is in very good condition.  Today is a public holiday in most states except for Victoria so there was alot of South Australian traffic returning home from a weekend of camping or alot of utes returning from the Deniliquin Ute Muster!  There were alot of 'pretty boy' utes around today!
This is the road we have just been on ... 
and this is the road ahead ...
Like I said every10km there are small wheat sidings and we came across some funny names but this was our favourite of the day...

At 35km we had our coffee break in a truck parking bay, we got out our beach chairs (which are fab!) and sat down for a cuppa ... I must admit we did get a few strange stares!  I call the photo below "at the beach"
if it wasn't for the road in the middle of the photo it definitely looks like we are at the beach with the gravel and blue sky!

Kouta loves these chairs as he doesn't have to jump very high!
The only wildlife we saw today was this bearded dragon about 5km from Murrayville and I forgot to mention that I saw a snake yesterday - I just happened to look at the end of a drain pipe under the road as I was riding along and what do you know? there is a brown snake sunning itself in amongst the branches just at the end of the pipe ... difficult to see but I was fortunate enough that that is where I was looking at that point ... today I had my eyes glued to the side of the road  and at any pipe that I may see in the hope to see a snake but alas nothing so our snake count so far is 3 live ones and 1 dead one.  Here is our bearded dragon ... 
The campground is very nice here at Murrayville it is very cheap and has very clean amenities.  A few permanents but that is okay.  The town has a small grocery store, police station and pub.  Alot of the buildings seem closed  or not in use.
Tomorrow we get to Lameroo.

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  1. Hello there cyclists and pretty boy kouta :)
    just finished catching up on your fabulous blog, awesome adventures I love reading about your days :) Sometimes I am envious of the wildness and freedom you have on your cycling adventures but then i read your blog and living conditions including loo arrangements & suddenly i am not so envious!!!
    Cant believe your counting snakes & even more in disbelief you are looking for them as you ride along!!! I wonder how many you will see (dead or alive) by the time you finish this trip :)
    Well have enjoyed catching up & now off to bed :) yes early night for me i hear you say :)
    Take care of yourselves out there, good luck and sending you lots of love and hugs