October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Penshurst to Killarney

Penshurst to Killarney = 60km
Cummulative total = 1148km

We arrived here at Killarney Beach reserve yesterday around midday.  We didn't have our 31km per hour northerly winds more like 3 point 1km per hour winds!
But we still got here in good time.  The road we took was alot busier than what we thought it would be ... in fact it was the busiest road so far on this trip.  It is a 'c' road but it had more traffic on it than a highway!  There was a few trucks that were carting something from where they are building the wind turbines, so they were only on the road for a 30km block.  But the local traffic was heavy and that means more dickheads taking unneccesary risks - alot of overtaking us with oncoming cars!
We did get off this road when we got closer to the coast and it was a relief to get off it.  We found a quiet road that goes to Woolsthorpe and that was only a 1 lane road with NO traffic! is was glorious!
These roads waunder through the area west of Koroit and funny enough we stumbled across the Warrnambool to Port Fairy rail trail.  So we will come back to the rail trail when we leave here tomorrow for Warrnambool and just see how far we can go along this trail as the last few times we have come through here the trail wasn't complete.   So here is Neil at the rail trail -
Just before getting to the main highway we came across probably the biggest church (no longer in use) for a small town that we have ever seen!
So we got here just on midday and the Killarney beach reserve is one of the Moyne shire campgrounds - a bit like the one at Yambuk.  It is a nice spot alongside a sports oval.  There are a few vans here and our little tent is tucked under some ti trees behind sand dunes.  We chose this spot because there was forecasted storms and strong south westerlies today - and we had a storm last night and today there are very strong winds and rain showers so it was fortunate that we have a little shelter from the dunes and trees.
I had to take a photo of Neil wearing a certain pair of shorts that I know when you look at the photo you are going to say something along the lines of - "what is he thinking!"  But first let me tell you the story behind these shorts - when we first cycled together 14 odd years ago Neil bought these 'running' shorts for 50cents up at Emerald in Qld when he was 38 years old and back then when wearing the shorts he look alright in them ... but now he is 52 .... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't think so!
I like to call them his "fancy nancy shorts" LOL!!!!
In the evening we went for a walk along Killarney beach and you can't hear the surf and when you climb over the dunes you can see why - Killarney beach is a very sheltered beach that is perfect for swimming in.
the trees in the background is Port Fairy which is around 10km from here
there was a few people on the beach all with dogs since there is no restrictions here so there are a lot of happy dogs running in the water, bounding around, splashing about ... and then there is Kouta who hates the water ...
I laughed as when you look at everyone on the beach with dogs all the dogs are in the water and the owners walk on the sand ... but with us it is reversed ... Neil and I are in the water and Kouta is on the sand!!!
We are staying here today as it is cold only 16 degrees today and we need a rest and then it is a short ride tomorrow to Heather and Anthony in Warrnambool and 2 days to Colac to be home on Saturday.

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