October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jane Duff RA to Lake Charlegruk

 Jane Duff RA to Lake Charlegruk = 50km
Cummulative total = 443km

Ah what a peaceful nights sleep we had last night - it was dead quiet - no noisy campers, radios and no traffic!
We did wake to a very cloudy and overcast day which tends to happen if the day before has been sunny and cloudless.  We got an early start and fortunately for the first 24km to Goroke we had a slight cross tailwind!  Goroke is a surprisingly lovely town, a bit bigger than what I thought it would be.  They have a big school and heaps of houses and even a small IGA store.  Again this is a very wealthy town as the Lions have made a fab wayside stop in the middle of town.  A brand new shelter with bbq, tables, shade, and even sink with drinking water and a power point.  We had a coffee here and looked on the radar and could see that rain was coming so we headed off.  On the way out of town we see that the APEX club have created a caravan park so now we know that we will come through some other time and stay there.  I assume the park is there for the seasonal wheat workers. 
No sooner had we begun our journey again and we get a persistent light shower which is not drenching or soaking just enough to keep you cool.  so we stop to put Koutas basket away to keep it dry ... of course he acts as though we have slit his throat for the rest of the journey.
Again the traffic is very light and the road is superb - no pot holes mainly because there is no traffic!  By now the wind is stronger and coming from our right side (a northerly) but at least it is not a headwind.  We get to our turnoff to our campspot  - it is 2.5km down the road to Edenhope.
We get there and it is still a persistent light shower and so we hastily put the tent up with the fly and Kouta is running around trying to get in the tent and eventually gives up and just sits under the fly waiting for us to come along and open up the tent for him ... below is a photo of him waiting patiently for the tent door to open .... (can you see is little tail sticking out?)
now the funny thing about this photo is that he has lived in this tent for the past 2 years and you would think after that long that he would know that he never goes in this end of the tent and you would think that he would also know to at least wait at the front tent door to get in and not the rear tent door that very rarely gets open!
Lake Charlegruk is a nice spot in the middle of no where!  There are plenty of people here in the day area do the usual boating, fishing and skiing even though it is a little chully here today and the north wind coming of the water if very cold!
here is the jetty on the lake.
you can see that the trees are actually in the lake - I imagine the lake is fuller than normal!
and here is our campt spot right on the lake ... lovely.  The campground is very basic just showers and toilets, no real kitchen to speak off or even a laundry - what laundry that is there has seen better days.  But it is quiet and serves our purpose.
Tomorrow is on to Kaniva, straight north through the little desert national park.

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