October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Warracknabeal to Horsham

Warracknabeal to Horsham = 61km
Cummulative total = 918km

Well here we are back in Horsham - we were here just under 2 weeks ago.  Things have not changed! if anything there is less people in the caravan park.
Todays ride was tough - our 4th day cycling and the head wind was very strong around 30km per hour.   We left early as well hoping to get a few kms in before the wind picked up but the wind started out with us!  We went along the Borung highway for a bit until Wallup and then hung a left hand turned and headed straight south for Horsham.
The going was very slow due to the openess of the country so you sort of feel the full 30km per hour and gusts over 40km per hour.  So we plodded along and the legs after 3 days of riding felt very heavy this morning.
Our coffee break was around Murra Warra.  I think this is just a locality but we did find the local hall ...
It was a very wind spot and we sat there freezing and even Kouta was cold as he decided to sit on me and curl up on my lap - I didn't mind as he kept me warm and I obviously kept him warm.
Didn't really want to start out again as at this point we were only half way and the next 30km didn't seem all that appealing!  this is a photo of the road ...
We passed through a place called Kalkee and took some photos for Ray to look at - we saw 2 houses on our left as we came in.  Neil said the place has changed and there is a big sports oval/community center and also a motorsport/speedway type facility.  Will show you the photos when we get to Colac.
So grinding away and about 10km from Horsham we were pulled over by a reporter from the Warracknabeal Herald and he took photos and notes and apparently we will be in the newspaper that comes out this Friday morning here in Horsham.  So before heading of we will stop by the Newsagent and pick up a copy!  So with a spring in our step we managed the final 10km in no time! although I did feel that the wind eased off a bit for us and it was  a welcome sight to see the water tower which tends to indicate a town.
Coming into Horsham the wind really died down and while setting up the tent there was barely any wind ... just our luck.   But it did come back later in the afternoon.
Looking forward to a rest here in Horsham.  They are predicting rain on Friday so we may get stuck here for another rest day - I hope so as there is some street carnival on this Friday - might try and fake an injury with Neil so we stay!  We have completely run out of food so we will restock here in Horsham and should be back in Colac by the end of next week - weather permitting.

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