October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gulgong to Dunedoo

 Gulgong to Dunedoo = 45km
Cummulative totals = 1025km and 21,026km
Dunedoo caravan park = $15 unpowered

Ohhhhh the legs were stiff this morning after yesterday!  Thankfully it was only a small day to Dunedoo.
We left early and started out along the Castlereagh highway expecting to have a difficult first 22km but we were surprised that there was hardly any traffic!  Compared to yesterdays road which is just a road there was a lot more traffic than on this highway!  So we were happy enough but still decided to take the Tulkan road which is sealed .... Neil thought it was about 10km of unsealed road - which makes no difference to us as a sealed road is just as lumpy and bumpy as an unsealed one here in NSW!!!  But is was only 6.5km unsealed.  We did have a small cheersquad to cheer us along ...
 crikey this was one big beast on the side of the road (over the fence!) and he stood up when we came by ... take a look at his huge head ...
 Knowing when we took this backroad that goes straight into Dunedoo we wouldn't get many cars or trucks.  It is up and down and about 13km before Dunedoo we took a break and I am not sure what Neil does when he looks up on the internet the maps and profiles but he gets it wrong all the time ... I think he just picks any road in Australia and zooms in on it and takes its' profile and says that is what we have to do today!  Here is a picture of our last hill of the day - according to Neil as the last 13km is all downhill ...
 here is us resting before tackling the 'last hill'
 Now each rest day I take a look at the profiles and store them for the blog and I remembered that the profile into Dunedoo was up and down with a small downhill into Dunedoo so I knew that whatever Neil was looking at was wrong ... but I just humoured him about this being the last hill and being all down hill soon!  Imagine his surprise at the top to see more little hills and having the next 8km of undulations .... LOL I had so much fun ribbing him for the next 8km about maybe this is the last uphill.  So at the top of the last hill before descending into Dunedoo you get a clear view of where we are heading to Coolah on Thursday ...
 although we don't go over the range you see, there is a cutting through it and if I remember it is a beautiful valley that we ride through to get to Coolah.
So Dunedoo is a small town with a small supermarket ... we stopped off to get some bread and bananas and Neil comes out happy as larry with 2kg of very ripe bananas for $1, at least 1kg of grapes for 90 cents and a bag full of mushrooms for 80 cents ... he was over the moon.  So once at the campground we had a ripe banana each and for lunch we had bananas on toast.
I am amazed at the lengths Neil will go to to make a sandwich (any sandwich really) ... me all I do is slap the banana between 2 pieces of toast and squash it .... Neil has to mash the bananas and then drizzle honey over it (as if it isn't sweet enough already he has to make it sweeter!)  While he makes his sandwich I have already half polished mine off as you can see from the photo below ...
 We have been to Dunedoo before and it is a good little campspot despite being right next to the train line which has a few trains running at some ridiculous hour at night!
It has a camp kitchen with fridge, jug, toaster, microwave, sink and bbqs.  So it is the perfect spot for us.  The toilets are old but clean.  What I love about this park is this ...
LOL Neil and I might be running to this dunny if we eat all the bananas and grapes he just bought!
Tomorrow we have a rest day here and Neil is going to get a plain cake mix so that I can attempt to use up some of the bananas that he bought and make some cakes with it in the microwave.  Believe it or not I do have some cake tins with me!  They are actually our bowls that we eat out of and they are silicone ... incredibly light and flexible so hopefully I will have photos of me making a cake in the next blog!

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