October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rest day @ Parkes

Well we really didn't do much today here at Parkes - the Dish I found out is 15km north of Parkes in a place called Alectown which is on the Newell highway so we won't be passing that since we are heading on another quieter road to Dubbo rather than the Newell highway - it is not that important to see the dish that I would risk all our lives on the Newell Highway!
This morning Neil went shopping for a temperature guage and picked one up in Woolworths along with the groceries! he is very happy with it and can't wait until the morning to just see how cold it is in the tent and then how cold it is while we eat brekkie!
Then in the afternoon I went to get a haircut which I didn't like how she did it - it made me look old! so I asked her to take a little more off and do a few things and in the end I couldn't wait to get out of there! But now I have had a shower and washed out the ridiculous style she gave me I think it is okay ... nothing a helmet won't hide!!! That is the problem when going to the hairdresser I can't see what they are doing as I don't have my glasses on and it is not until I put them on do I see what they have done!
After that I rang my crazy family in NZ to wish Mum a happy mothers day for tomorrow as I don't think we will get reception at Yeoval.
At the back of this caravan park is a footy field and it is full of galahs that do nothing but eat the seeds from the grass, at times there must be at least 200 of them but in this photo I reckon there is about 100 ... you can count if you like!

After the phone call to NZ we took a walk up to the Memorial Lookout which is not far from the park and you get to see the surrounding area and where we have been and going.

This is looking South East towards Canberra

This is looking more South towards Melbourne (sort off!)
Tomorrow we climb up and over the ranges but I don't think the climbing is too difficult as it is spread over 30km at least and then it is mainly down (with the odd up) to Yeoval (pronounced Yow-val) where our camp is in the local showgrounds. Should reach Dubbo Monday.

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