October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, May 21, 2010


Doesn't this look like a person who is younger than 51? Well I thought for some strange reason that he was 50 this year and had spent the last 2 days on how to make a cake for him and while cycling along and having nothing else to do but think I came up with the idea of a "Tim Tam" cake - it is nice and easy and you can repack it away and eat it some other time! LOL. So while riding along I decide how many packets I will need to write '50' and I thought yup 2 packets will be enough ... then yesterday morning I realised that he is 51 and not 50 and so I only need 1 packet ... and voila! I made a Tim Tam cake for Neil!
Then Neil came up with the idea to have pancakes for Lunch - Ray had tried pikelets on the silicon mat on the bbq when we were at Griffiths and they came out okay so we got a pancake mix where you just add water and a small bottle of cream (300ml) and they came out lovely!

here I am cooking them - the first batch Neil forgot to tell me to put margarine on the silicon so the first 6 came out a bit funny!

and here I am preparing my first batch - I had nutella and cream while Neil had honey and cream!

The first serve had 3 pancakes and the 2nd serve had another 3 for Neil and I had 4! while Neil had is last one by itself ... also Kouta had is own small one!
They were just delicious and we had no guilty feelings in demolishing 7 pancakes with nutella/honey and cream as we know we will burn it off next week!
Not too sure what is for dinner as it is raining at the moment and all 3 of us are piled into the tent and Kouta unfortunately has really bad wind at the moment!



    am just getting ready to go to the big game and thought I would quickly send you birthday greetings.

    Dont blame Kouta for the wind, Neil! We all really know who it is. lol But its your birthday, so you can do what you want.

  2. hi Neiland Janet,
    glad you can celebrate your birthday with a good win to the CATS.
    You made a really nice cake Janet.
    Talk to you soon
    Love Jude