October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well it is a rest day here at Dubbo and we haven't really done much except take a walk into town to pick up a few food items. Dubbo is a big town and generally these size towns we try to avoid but we have to go through one every now and then to restock.
We did decide to buy kouta a small polar fleece blanket - I am hoping to put it in his basket and he will stay in his basket at night as it is cold for him and he has figured out that the sleeping bags are alot warmer than in his basket, but Neil has the idea that it will be spread over part of my sleeping bag (where Kouta mostly sleeps!) and he can sleep there ... I think I will try in his basket first as sometimes Kouta can move onto my mat (and kick me off!) during the night and so I am half on my mat and half on the cold floor!
Below are photos I took from where the tent fly was had frozen droplets on it and my gel seat was covered with a frost.

Yes that really does say 3 degrees!

and no I did not ride with the frost on the gel seat ... it had defrosted by the time we started riding!

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