October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, February 26, 2010

Mortlake to Camperdown

Mortlake - Camperdown = 41km
Cummulative total = 975km
Either Neil and I are getting really old or we are just 'fatigued' at the moment! After putting our absolute faith in the weather forecast we decided to make a run (more like 'cycle') for it to Camperdown knowing that the camp ground wouldn't be as crowded and had kitchen facilities - well one thing we learnt and that is ... don't believe the weather forecast! We woke up nice and early and there was no wind to speak off (which is good!) and we had brekky over at the table near the lake so we could watch the sunrise.

You can't quite see the sun rising (but trust me it is!). While enjoying our breakfast the weather comes on the radio and the cheerful announcer mentions that the wind has now turned around and is coming from the North. We are all smiles and can't wait to start riding with a tail wind ... well after leaving the campground at 8.15am by 8.16am we weren't smiling any longer ... the wind was still coming from the south east and we were riding into it!
Damn I thought should we still stay or trust that it will swing around to the North? Ah decisions, decisions! So we kept on cycling. Our legs felt like lead after the previous 3 days of hard cycling and after the first hour they finally began to loosen up and the lactic acid began to disappear, still not alot of power in the legs but enough to persevere with the cycling.
It was a lovely quiet road and we have taken this route before and I think even the cattle recognised us as they didn't bat an eyelid when we passed as sometimes cattle go beserk when they see us and panic and run! (kouta loves it when they do that!).
Believe it or not the actual wind did start to turn towards a Northerly but in saying that so did the temperature! So with a little wind behind us we picked up speed and cruised into Camperdown at around 11am. We decided to go to Safeway which is at the opposite end of the town to pick up supplies and then we had to cycle the 'big' hill up to the campground which is situated right under the telephone tower. Now that hill is not steep just loooooooong and never ending!
By now the temperature is warm and we sit down for a cuppa and toast (raisin toast mmmmm!). We will stay here tomorrow to recuperate (spelling?). This campground at Camperdown is probably one of the better campgrounds for us as they have a huge kitchen with tables and bbqs, fridge, kettle and toaster so it is 'easy' camping for us. The only down side is the kitchen is made of corrugated iron and so on a hot day like today it is stifling in there so I have come to the botanical gardens which has a shelter with tables, bbq and power point to do this blog.

The above is a photo of where I am right now, it has a lovely cool breeze under these huge trees, top spot and it is right next to the campground and NO ONE is around! gotta love these community bbq areas - and alot of towns have them!
Also since we are on top of the hill the view is spectacular.
Not too sure what we will be doing on our rest day - we might try and sleep in but unfortunately I get too hungry to sleep in!

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