October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, February 19, 2010

Beachport to Millicent

Beachport - Millicent = 35km
Cummulative total = 646km

It was too late last night to put up the photos I took from our rest day at Beachport so I will do it now.
Basically we woke with stiff legs so we decided to go for a walk after breakfast to loosen them up a bit. Well we just walked and walked and walked and I think even Kouta was sick off it! We walked down to the beach and saw Australias' longest pier (I think it is!). It is 772m long but it was originally built at 1220m long back in the 1880's but the building of it wasn't exactly great and it was never considered safe - see even 140 years later things haven't changed ... re insulation and solar panel fiascos!!!!

We ended up walking the length of the pier and it was cold and windy and by the time we got to the end of it Kouta was ready to go back home!

As you can see Kouta is leading the way back to land - funny though when he isn't interested in what is ahead he will drag behind but when he wants to go towards something that he likes he will walk in front and lead the way!
Once we reached land we decided to check out the other caravan park at the start of the town and by far the Southern Ocean Tourist Park is the better one not so exposed.

Beachport is a rather small place but is lovely although since it is on the coast it is directly affected by the coastal sea breeze and let me tell you it blew really cold yesterday, luckily it was sunny as you could sit in the sun but once in the shade with the wind blowing it was very cold!

Before we turned around and headed back to the caravan park we took a wee rest and as you can see Kouta is making the most of it!
For the rest of the day (until I was on skype with the family) I was "beached az in beachport"!!! we just laid around reading our books.
This morning we woke to no breeze and a bright clear day - lucky for us as we were expecting a headwind back to Millicent. However at 8am a fog rolled into town and it hadn't lifted by the time we left and that severly hindered our visibility but after about 15mins the fog lifted or more the fact that we began to ride inland more!
So it was a short day here to Millicent and we are to pick up food supplies for Penola tomorrow as we don't think there will be much there in the way of a general store. While setting up our tent yet another section of the aluminium pole snapped - see photo below.
This is the 2nd section to snap this trip (lucky we have bought extra along with us - 5 at least) but what bugs me about this is that all the fandangle expensive tents have these crappy aluminium poles (for the lightness of the total tent weight) which are straight and not curved to allow for the 'dome' part of a tent ... stupid really. I think we will be replacing all the aluminium poles with the slightly heavier fibre glass ones which tend to cope with the bending or curving of a dome tent.
The lakeside caravan park here in Millicent is really nice - excellent and clean facilities and we are in shade for most of the day. At the moment not too many tourists have turned up to this park.
But Neil and I have decided that as we travel between the states we will be examining the driving skills of each state and between Victoria and South Australia so far SA are the worst and most dangerous drivers of all - they are just absolutely mad, mad, mad and idiotic when driving! And it is across the board with regard to age and sex!
So tomorrow we head for Penola which is our last town we visit in South Australia.


  1. Now I know why you havent been answering your phone! Thought I would check this blog, and I see you are off cycling again. Take it you aren't going to the footy on Sunday? lol

    Take care and we'll see you mid March.

  2. Hey Janet!! Its Annette from work

    Hope you ended up finding out who won survivor!! i was up all night trying to find a version to download as i missed it thinking it was already downloaded. felt so bad after giving it to you :(

    Ive had a very enjoyable last 30 minutes reading your blogs. Sounds like you three are having a great time.

    Looks like I will still be at work when you get back from your trip too - but the good news is I have officially been accepted to go to america! Had one family interested but Im not going to go stay with them

    Looking forward to reading more - oh btw love the beached az comment :P


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