October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


YORKETOWN TO PORT VINCENT = 60km (via Edithburgh)
PORT VINCENT FORESHORE CARAVAN PARK =  $25.20 (with discount) powered
It was a very windy day yesterday on our rest day ... I don't think it would have been suitable to ride our bikes anyway in fact it would have not been suitable for anyone to be on the roads yesterday even today with a gentle cross wind we saw the caravan wobbling along!
So today we were back on the road again and decided to take the longer and more scenic road to Port Vincent via Edithburgh.  We had a tailwind across to Edithburgh and we found this funny crop in someones field ...
LOL they are actually quite picturesque.  We had a brief stop at Edithburgh which is a lovely spot but everything is closed down but there is still alot of holiday houses in the town.
Do you remember Ray that you mentioned there was a port on the East coast where grain is loaded onto ships?  Well it is from Port Giles which is just north of Edithburgh ...
From Edithburgh we took the quiet coast road to this Port Giles  and you get some lovely views looking back towards Edithburgh
Now this is a huge grain storage area and as we rode by it there were workers there getting ready for the seasons grain crop.
Just north of Port Giles is Wool Bay where we had a cuppa and looking back along the coast you can see Port Giles ...

I have to mention that I think I killed a baby snake this morning ... I looked at my front wheel and saw a little wiggling brown thing on the road behind my front wheel and it was too late to brake and I think it may have been squashed by my back wheel if not the trailer.  But in saying that the snake was wiggling really fast so I was hoping he managed to miss my wheels.
After Wool Bay the road goes inland and joins the Vincent highway.  From here we got north to Port Vincent and we found a funny looking thing in some field ...
I laughed at it as I wondered how they got the shed on top of the big metal pipe.  Neil said it looks like something to do with what they call 'dolomite' or limestone as there was a bit of quarry rocks behind it all.
Port Vincent is a nice enough place and the caravan is packed and we are amongst a huge population of grey nomads.  It is a nice enough place and although crowded it is not necessarily cramped in but we do have a very opinionated Queensland couple behind us ... Neil is chatting to them right now!
Tomorrow we are either in Ardrossan or Port Clinton ... we have changed our plans again as I want to avoid paying some shocking camping prices!  Kadina wants $30 - it is a big town but it is not on the coast and what is worse is that the $30 is for nothing - no kitchen or anything so we may miss it and go elsewhere!


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