October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well what a day!  Crikey the main roads are busy!  We left our quiet little spot at Port Clinton and just before we joined the Yorke road at 1km we let out a big 'woo-hoo' for hitting the 2000km mark.  This road is flat to Port Wakefield but busy we thought and it only got worse when we joined the road that comes across from Wallaroo and then we had to join the main highway that goes into Adelaide!  Fortunately we only had about 10km of these busy roads to endure but I tell you riding on quiet roads sure does spoil you .
At Port Wakefield we weren't going to stop for a cuppa until on the road to Balaklava but we saw someone standing on the side of the road waving and I didn't recognise him at first but Neil did and so we pulled over and the I realised it was the guy from Point Turton who was always chatting to us ... a very nice person and this time we got to meet his wife who we never saw at the campground as I don't think she was well ... you could hear here but we never saw her.  So we stopped and they made us a cup of coffee and biscuit and his wife was over the moon with us and loved to chat!  I think she may have Parkinsons as she was shaking a bit, not sure.  But a lovely couple. 
From there were took the quiet road to Balaklava.  We came along this road on our way to the Peninsulas and by now the wind had picked up and it was a tail cross wind so that helped. 
Balaklava is a nice town with around 2200 people.  Neil has already been to the Foodland and we are having vege burgers tonight.  Our campsite is okay, no grass for us as we want power so we have pitched the tent on gravel and our table and chairs is on the concrete slab.
We do have some rather sad news ... or maybe it is best if I show you the picture and some of you might understand? ...
... yes it is with a sadden heart that Neil finally listened to me and threw away his 'nancy fancy pants' - I was sick of Neil threatening to wear them that I said to him on his way to the supermarket to stop by the op shop and pick up some shorts so he can wash the other ones ... he came back without shorts but too late they were already in the bin!  his reasoning is that why should he carry another pair of shorts when he can wear his other cycling shorts ... I give up!  Next tour I am packing his clothing bag and keeping it under lock and key in the craft room so he can't get at it!
Tomorrow we stay here and then our plans have changed again I think ... looks like we might try a biggish day to Nuriootpa.

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