October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


LAKE ALBERT CARAVAN PARK = $22.50 (with discount) unpowered
Listen to this ... we had a gentle tailwind today and we only had to go 46km ... can you believe that!  We have ridden this route before but in reverse (Meningie to Wellington ... actually Tailem Bend).
We did sleep in this morning and I have to admit that I didn't feel like getting out of bed at all :)
Yesterday when we stopped off at Murray Bridge to get food supplies I also picked up last night dinner ...
... delicious isn't it ... and no I didn't make the quiches.  I picked them up at Woolies at 50% off! as they were from the day before ... so they were $1.50 each and both were roasted vege.  I liked mine but Neil would have liked his to have more veges in it.
Today we took our last ferry ride at Wellington and joined the highway that runs along the Limestone coast.  It is predominantly flat except for a couple of undulations and rolling hills between 25 and 35km, but otherwise the wind was a gentle cross tailwind for most of the ride.  The road was a bit rough and unfortunately the shoulder wasn't great - it was narrow and within the shoulder itself was 2 levels with a drop of around 2-3cm so you could ride in neither of the levels in the shoulder!
As you ride along the flat areas there is alot of salt beds - last time we came through here in Feb 2011 they were very dry but this time there is a little water in them ...
Actally the surrounding areas look quite healthy ... not sure if they will look this healthy come feb next year after a hot summer!
Lake Albert which is next to Lake Alexandrina which is where the mouth of the Murray comes out too is very full (it was last time we were here) and here are a few views of the lake from the park in the town center ...

we will stay here for a rest day tomorrow as it has been a tough leg to get around Adelaide.  The park is nice and we are camped in the exact same spot as last time!

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