October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, November 22, 2012


WARRACKNABEAL CARAVAN PARK = $20 powered ($15 unpowered)
Can you believe this right after I had posted last nights blog the caretaker for 4 Mile Beach turned up to collect his $5 ... so we didn't get away with free camping after all ... personally I think it is too much considering the facilities are shite, and most definitely not cleaned and not to mention not working (remember the showers robbed me of my 20c!)
Anyway it was lovely having brekky this morning looking out onto the lake - sure beats staying in a caravan park! 
Riding today was predominantly eastwards with crosswind for the most part except when we had to go south it was a headwind. We were in the Hindmarsh shire for the first 15km and then you noticed a real difference in the road when you cross over into the Yarriambiack shire.  The Hindmarsh shire kept this quiet little road as a one lane road except at the top of a crest and on corners and with a reasonable surface, once in the Yarriambiack shire they made it into a 2 lane road with a crap surface.  We stopped for a cuppa at the road junction between Jeparit-Warracknabeal road and Rainbow-Warracknabeal roads and at this point they called it Cry More on the map ... LOL great name.  From here you join the busy road - well busy at the moment as everyone is cutting but the trucks that passed us were very good!
It was a pleasant riding along with loads of grain fields and some fields with nothing in them!  The southerly wind kept the temperature down to about the mid 20's.  Tomorrow the warmer weather begins with the wind swinging to a east north easterly (headwind for us) and then a northerly so with that comes the hotter weather.  We have found a quiet road that will take us to Donald - originally we thought we would have to go on the Borung highway.  We will probably stay in Donald over the weekend as the temperatures are to rise to 36 on Saturday and 37 on Sunday and I think Kouta may find those days a little tough to handle on the bike ... no matter how early we get up in the morning to ride!
Warracknabeal is a nice town, we came here last year to stay over night.  The campground is on the creek and is a council one, but apparently there is no caretaker so one may come around tonight if not there is an honesty box.  We have a powered campsite for $20 but Neil said if no caretaker comes we will pay $15 the unpowered rate ... his reasoning is demonstrated in the following photos ...

The top photo with the bus and its' numerous annexes and it even has a fenced area at the side and front of the bus (facing the creek) pays $20 powered a night with all its fridges, freezers, airconditioning and or heaters, tvs, lights etc versus us (bottom photo) who pays $20 powered for a night for the computer and for a light that is used for about 1 hour at night.  Very few parks will have a slightly less rate for a powered tent site than a powered van site ... we need to carry a little electric jug, fan, heater and toaster with us ... believe me I have been looking for those!

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