October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our rest day @ Daylesford

Well it finally stopped drizzling and the mist blew away and we were able to go for a walk around 11am. We decided to go down to the lake, which is at the base of the hill before you go into town.
It really is a lovely spot and I think with the autumnal changing of colours on trees it really was a beautiful spot. Below are some photos of the lake and as we walked around it.

Below is neil and dad looking totally interested in the place!

And more photos as we began to walk around it.

Below is a photo that didn't quite come out - there is a holly tree with red berries on it and the red, green and yellow colours looked nice together although I didn't quite capture the colours really!

Now the photo below has bit of a story to it ... walking along and I passed this water feature and thought that it was nice, I turned back and took the photo as I was preparing to take the photo I thought that it was an odd place for a small waterfall and I wondered how it got there just as I was thinking that I took a step closer to it and took the photo and could smell something at the same time ... then I realised what it was but kept my mouth shut ... but Neil and Dad just had to comment - Neil said that it was drainage and dad made the comment that the beer bottle gave it away that it might be a drain ... all I could think of in reply to their smart comments was ... "but is it not the prettiest drain you have ever seen?" ... I knew as soon as I smelt it that it wasn't a water feature or waterfall but some sort of run off into a drainage pipe under the path ... but I couldn't let dad and neil know that!

Yeah looking at the photo now it looks really gungy but in real life it didn't look too bad!
We returned and had lunch and then in the afternoon I decided to walk into town which was a 2km walk down and up a big hill. But I thought that it would be nice to look at the town and I suppose I thought the town would be full of antique, crafty and collectable shops in old buildings and amongst them cafes and eateries ... well I was completely wrong! Walking up the hill towards the town there is a museum on my left and a few small collectable shops - a 50's shop and an organic toy shop, a very old tarot reading book place and another old curiosity shop and I thought yep this is going to be lovely to look at through the windows ... well listen to this (Katherine Tate again) ... I got to the roundabout at the top of the hill and what did I see ... you are not going to believe this ... but I saw a retrovision shop, a mitre 10 shop and a glorified $2 shop in amongst the cafe and take away shops ... I was absolutely gobsmacked with seeing shops that you normally see in a typical melbourne suburb!!! I walked down and did not see one craft, art or local shop! I did see a boutique dress shop but I was really disappointed that it was like being at a shopping mall in old shop buildings!
I only went to Coles so maybe there were more local, crafty shops further on ... but I doubt it. I thought Daylesford would be like Penola - heaps of gift, craft and antique shops but instead you get the local mitre 10, retrovision, and overpriced $2 shop and if there was a gift shop it was some obscure japanese bloody doll shop ... crikey I think Daylesford is over rated and I think Casterton, Penola and even Portland are far better towns than Daylesford! Anyway that is only my opinion and maybe if I had more time and inclination I would be able to find those little curiosity shops that have the hidden local gems!

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