October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bridgewater on Loddon to Wedderburn

Bridgewater on Loddon to Wedderburn = 39km
Cummulative total = 413km
It was a nice short day today and we got here around lunchtime. But first the campfire last night was fabulous it was sooooooo warm around it and you certainly noticed the difference when you came away from the fire but I think we all went to bed nice and warm and I could still feel my face burning from the heat from the fire, not that we had a huge fire just a nice small cosy one!
Again it wasn't that cold either last night I think because of the wind.
Today we took the Calder Highway to Wedderburn and we had a shoulder the whole way and it was a relatively good one to cycle along.
Our first rest was at a place called Kurting. We sat in the local bus shelter and amused ourselves by watching Kouta dance around trying to catch the locusts ... even Kouta ended up jumping like them in the end. There are alot of locusts about and today at Wedderburn we saw the mobile library and the front bull bar, grill and window screen was full of dead locusts!

While sitting in the bus shelter Kouta sits next to Neil and I managed to take a photo of Neil and Kouta together ... take a look ...

.... one day Neil is going to get just a bit toooooo close to kouta and kouta is going to shoot out his tongue and manage to lick Neil!!!
So we continued along the Calder highway and we were expecting alot more traffic but there wasn't a lot really especially trucks ... maybe we have missed there run from Melbourne, Bendigo and onto Mildura and vice versa?
Listen to this ... at our next quick rest stop there was this information board with a clear perspect over it and we were all standing there reading it and I noticed that there was a male huntsman spider there and we are all thinking that it might be stuck and dead there so I go off to get my camera and came back to take a photo and bloody Dad decides to tap the perspect and it moves and that just sets me off completely ... here I am trying to take a photo and screaming at him to stop tapping and Neil is bloody encouraging him so I gave the camera to Neil and said to take a photo of it and I stormed off screaming and ranting and raving like you do when you are shit scared of spiders!!! Reminding dad that I don't like spiders and if there is a male huntsman there is bound to be a damn female one and she is bigger and meaner than that one Dad so I wouldn't be so casual about this so called little spider!!! ... did he listen to me? ... no!

We are having a rest day at Wedderburn and the campground is great, it has everything that we need - bbq, camp kitchen and mossies! Quite cheap to camp only $17 for the 3 of us ... the woman at the moment is only the caretaker as the owners are on holiday so Neil thinks she may have under charged us ... but that doesn't matter! There is a reservoir at the back of the campground so we may try and find the walking track to it ... you never know we may stumble across a huge gold nugget along the path ... but that is not likely!!!

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