October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, April 12, 2010

Maldon to Bridgewater on Loddon

Maldon to Bridgewater on Loddon = 54km
Cummulative total = 374km

If you ask any off today what the cycling was like today I think we would all reply that it was the perfect cycling day - flat and tailwinds!!! Dad loved it and was happy to cycle today but did get a bit ahead of himself by suggesting we go to Wedderburn another 36km on ... but Neil quickly bought him back down to earth and reality!!!
The first 5km or so was down hill from Maldon and from then on a few bumps but by the Dunolly turnoff the road to Bridgewater was flat. For most of the ride it was a cross tail wind but from Newbridge on it was a full tailwind.
We made good time today and was able to get everything set up at the campground and then time to relax before making dinner.
Below is a photo of us cycling along, not too sure where Neil took the photo but it was definitely before Newbridge.

The area around Maldon and Bridgewater is very lush and green (we assumed from the heavy rain 5-6 weeks ago). So everything looks healthy.
At 36km we took a break at Newbridge, Neil and I had passed through here last November on our way to Dunnolly. Just a pub and general store there and whenever we have passed through here I have never seen a person so I assume the pub and general store are open.

At this table there is alot of negotiations going on ... Neil will try to trade his piece of fruit cake for some biscuits from Dad as Neil reckons the fruit cake gives him bad wind ... but he still eats it!
So we got to Bridgewater on Loddon around 12.30 I think and the town is very small but has 2 caravan parks - 1 touristy one and the other is a public one. We are at the public one and it is long and narrow. Full of permanent holiday caravans but not a soul in site. for such a big caravan park there are few facilities and the camping area is at least 500m from the toilet block so we sometimes ride up here! So you could almost say we are camping wild but paying if you know what I mean. It cost us $7.50 each so we don't expect much for that.
We are camped along side the Loddon river and there is now forecasted heavy rain!

I don't know what dad is trying to do here I looked up and he had a branch in his hand and I think he was trying to sweep an area clear for his tent!

there is only 1 key for the shower and toilet block so we have to take it in turns to go and have a shower. I think Neil took this photo as I found it on his camera card and he must have taken it without dad knowing but dad has his trailer in the tent and uses it as a back rest!
Since this is such a small town and only has a very limited General Store we had to be very creative when it came to cooking dinner tonight. It was what I call a "dad" meal of potato, meat, veg and gravy and I threw in some cous cous to bulk it up. We had patties left over from last night that I froze and we had them for dinner, we managed to get a tin of peas and corn (yes I had to eat peas ... or I would have to starve!!!!) and I had 2 potatoes left over from yesterdays meal. So with only 3 small pots I had to be very co-ordinated when it came to cooking everything! The meal was okay but Neil and Dad loved it ... I think it was the gravy!
Right now Neil has started a small fire to keep us warm, we haven't made a fire while cycling so this was a first and after watching many episodes of Survivor we managed to start one straight away.

Not too sure how cold it will get tonight ... last night wasn't as bad as what we thought. We thought we would have frost but it was too windy last night for frost and we woke this morning and it was around 11 degrees so it wasn't too bad. They are forecasting a low of 5 degrees tonight so maybe the fire is a good thing.
Well I am off to enjoy the fire and hopefully they haven't used up all the wood that Neil and I picked up today with Kouta in tow. I tell you he loves this type of camping where he can roam free. I bet you by the time I get back he will be huddled up somewhere near the fire!

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  1. hi guys,
    not sure if you have heard from your mum and dad neil, My Dad had a heart attack on Sunday night and has had a stent put in. He had a 95% blockage and has to have another stent put in as well. He is doing well though. He hit his head when he fell as well. I came back with Heather and Rebecca on the train.
    Talk to you soon
    Love Jude.