October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 17 - 1448km to 1423km

 Saturday 23rd May = 1448km to 1423km = 25km
Total distance = 289km

Oh my lordy was it a cold morning this morning - I think I have frost bite on my fingers. If you remember we camped alongside a channel last night and this channel goes to a billabong.  It is not a formal channel but we think it just takes a little overflow from the Murray.  Well we marked some of the water and it was slowly creeping in - not alot to drown us but enough to make a puddle!  So here is a photo of when we got here ...
 and this is it this morning ...
 as you can see there is a stream alongside us!
Although it is freezing, the sun is shining and it is yet another cloudless day and also no wind.  Once we got going we soon warmed up and it was such a lovely kayak today with no wind, no real coldness and when we stopped at the end of the day sitting in the sun was just lovely!
Since it is Saturday there are a few people camping for the weekend and also a few boats out - all are drinking before lunch and all don't have life jackets!  I think they look at us with our life jackets on and think we are nuts!  But they all wave and say hello and all are catching carp!
Today we saw what is typical of NSW property owners ...
 hence why we mainly camp on the Victorian side.
there was a group of campspots at the wrong time for us and we struggled to find anything suitable, so we opted for this tiny wee spot and a sloping beach not far from a water pump that is going and it is loud!  Beggars can't be choosers when it comes to camp spots now!
it is very soft sand and we hope there is no wind as the pegs go into the sand so easily that one breath of wind will rip the pegs out!
It is a spot that faces west - so a lovely afternoon spot but a terrible morning spot as there will be no sun to warm us up.
the owner of the water pump came and turned off the motor at 6pm - lucky as I would have been awake all night!
Tomorrow we reach Swan Hill only 13km down the river.

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