October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 8 1582km to 1560km

 Thursday 14 May = 1582 to 1560km = 22km
Total distance = 152km

Oh this is our 4th day kayaking and the arms are really feeling it, they are tired but seem to be able to paddle.  Fortunately today the wind was lighter - still cold and coming from the south west but probably the lightest it has been since we started a week ago.
It started as a clear bright day, but the clouds soon came rolling in so not much solar charging today.  Not alot happened today it was very uneventful for us while kayaking.  I am playing around with my new camera (very careful when it is near the water!) and it takes great selfies - although this one took 5 attempts ...
 ... I kept missing Neil!
So we pulled over at 22km for a break and realised that it was a great camp spot - although it was only 1.30pm we decided that campspots can be hard to find so we decided to stay put.
 It is a nice clear spot and someone has had a huge fire as there is a massive area for a fire and there was 2 nice chainsaw cut wood lying around so we decided that we would light a fire later on since we had plenty of time on our hand.
Mother nature sure is kind to us today - first providing lots of easy to find wood for our fire and also a stump with a hole in it that fitted my flexible bucket perfectly for me to do my handwashing!
 So I started the fire and thanks to Leannes' jiffy firestarters I soon got the fire going and as you can see my washing was in line with the smoke from the fire - so I have smokey shorts and towels!
 Once Kouta had his afternoon nap he soon came over to see what we were doing and pretended that the fire was our gas heater at home!
 I tell you we were so warm and although not as cold as yesterday it was nice just sitting there with shins and feet almost on fire themselves it was that hot.
We cooked dinner beside the fire and let it burn down and poor Kouta was beside himself as it was getting dark and our routine of eating and washing the dishes and then going into the tent was broken and he desperately wanted to go in the tent and not really sit out there watching the fire burn down.  
so eventually we went into the tent as the clouds came over and so blocked out all the stars - I seem to be reluctant to go out at night to look at them as it is too cold and the one night I stay out to watch them the damn clouds come over!
So tomorrow we will do another 22km and will be about 14km from Barham so we are hoping we will get internet!

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