October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rollingstone to Ingham

 Rollingstone rest area to Ingham = 55km
Cummualtive totals = 3477km and 23,478km
Palm view caravan park = $25 unpowered

Lucky it rained last night around 8.30pm as I think the rest area would have become very noisy.  There were alot of family groups there with kids running around everywhere and riding their bikes and they were still going at 8.pm as the rest area has good lighting down by the toilets and also everyone was gathering around their fires talking loudly and laughing and then it started to rain ... halleluiah (oops too long at the townsville seventh day adventist camp!) everyone stops, packs up and goes to bed!  Not sure how long it rained for as I fell asleep and it wasn't heavy as in the morning around the bikes weren't wet.
So we get up at the crack of dawn, make a noise, since everyone is so close to each other it is hard not to hear!  We set off just after 7am.  Kouta has a new addition to his trailer ... Neil found it alongside the road yesterday ...
 LOL cute aye!
So it is very grey and it seems as though it is threatening to rain but we still head off.  There is not much traffic on this Bruce highway for the first 30mins an then the traffic picks up. We still have our shoulder.  It is hard to describe the rain today - it is a light constant spit where you don't get saturated just damp.  Kouta is still dry except for his snout as he sticks that out all the time.
We had some lovely stretches of road today, some newly tarred and it was really smooth compared to some that had the large chunks of gravel so we slowed down a bit.
I am not sure if I am becoming very acclimatised to the temperature up here but I am finding a cloudy 24 degree day a little "chully!" and the 20 degrees today is just freezing!!!  As you can see from the photos below it is a very grey dull day ...

The sugar cane fields should be processed in the next month or 2 and also the pineapples.
We are nice and early to Ingham and the park is about 3km before the township itself.  We managed to set up tent and get everything in it when it started to rain and it hasn't stopped since!  It is a constant rain now although not heavy.  Tomorrow if the rain has cleared we will push on over the ranges to Bilyana rest area ... not sure if I will get reception there.

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