October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

rest day @ Townsville

we decided that today we would spend riding along the bike path to The Strand and have a swim at the rock pool if it is open or at the beach if it is netted off.  The bike path is just behind us so we rejoined it and rode along it following the Ross river.  We did divert as we got close to town to go to a shop on Ingham road and from there we tackled the traffic in somewhat crowded streets to get to the Strand.
As soon as we got there it was like being at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast but way less people.  One side has low rise apartments and motels while the other side is the parkland that follows the beach with the imported sand!  There is a path that follows the beach up to the rock pool but along the way are 2 small bays to swim in and heaps of playgrounds and even a water play area for smaller kids ... it is fantastic ... Mum and Dad you might want to consider coming here for your next Aussie adventure - it would suit Jayden but probably not Caleb - him and Cheryl might like Magnetic Island and they can hire a moke and drive around - Caleb would love that!
So the rock pool was being repaired so it was closed so we swam in a small bay that is netted off and the water is so calm and warm that it made you hungry.  I said to Neil that we would have lunch there and a smaller dinner at night ... so at the Kiosk on the Strand I got a seafood basket for $24.50 and in included 2 pieces of crumbed Barramundi, medium chips, 2 scallops, 2 prawn cutlets and about 1/2 dozen calamari strips .... all 3 of us enjoyed our meal!
 I am not so embarassed about my suntan line now in public ... although when I went to order lunch I was standing next to some old guy who saw me and just stared at my arms and he stared for a while that I nearly said "can I help you" but when I went to say it he finally looked away ... now I have a complex about my tan again!!!
The view along the strand is nice and you can see Magnetic Island ...
 this is the little by we swam in as you can see not many people are about - not sure if this is popular at School holiday time ... but it is a great alternative.
 a view from the fish and chip shop ...
 and the next bay along ....
by bike path it is a 15km ride to the rock pool from this park and is flat all the way.  Shaded until about half way and then you are out in the open.
Dinner tonight is just salads again as it is a hot day but under our massive mango tree we have a cooling breeze.

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