October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, June 12, 2014

rest day at Mission Beach

Well there is not alot going on today since it is a bit overcast and showers come through regularly.  Last night we had some visitors in the field next to us ...
 and again this morning one popped his head up for Neil to take a photo ... I wonder if this Kangaroo slept in this long grass last night?
 So after skyping Mum and Sharon this morning we headed off to take a photo of Dunk Island and go for a walk along the beach ... we barely got out of the caravan park and it started to rain and you couldn't see Dunk Island at all! so back to the tent we went.  It was a pretty long shower and when I thought it had stopped I decided that we didn't have any lunch (or food!) that I would go shopping ... well I got wet coming back but at least I had food and as we all know a well fed Janet is a happy Janet!!!
So after lunch the showers finished and we had blue sky so we quickly set of for our walk.  Well dragging that damn dog of ours kicking and screaming up the caravan park drive, across the road and onto the sand is a monumentus task ... honestly that dog just doesn't want to walk anywhere.
I did manage to get my photo of Dunk Island ... has a slight resemblance to Pitcairn Island but not as rugged or steep!
 this is our view looking towards Mission Beach ...
 and the other way ... a happy Neil as he is at the beach and a somewhat disgruntled dog ...
 Kouta seems a little wary of sand or the beach for that matter, but after a little reassurance to Cena oops I mean Kouta he was happy as larry and when off the lead was prancing about like a reindeer!
 off course the mandatory writing in the sand ...
It is still grey here but not raining, I think it has passed for the day, fingers crossed it doesn't rain for when we go to Innisfail.

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