October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, June 27, 2014

Rest day at Normanton

It was a lovely rest day here in Normanton, after chatting with the Whanau this morning and telling them about the statue of this massive crocodile and how I thought it was a load of crapola well I thought I would go out and take a photo of it for you to see, but first we were chatting to another couple who also thought that the crocodile statue was out of proportion to what it should be (they didn't think it was a load of crapola like I did).  Here is the full length of it - it is approximately 8.5m long and I am going to guess the length of it is correct but the face, mouth, legs and body are not proportionate to what a crocodile should be .... I mean this had massive legs when a crocodile in real life has little legs!  the body was puffed up where as in real life they have flat broad tummies and as for the head well that is completely wrong they have massive jaws but tiny heads whereas this one on the statue had a massive head in comparison to the body and its' jaw is now where near what the size of it should be according to the photo.  they do say that the statue was created according to the dimensions recorded at the time but I think they got the ft measurements and replaced them with meters!!!
 take note of this photo of Neil next to the life size croc for further reference ...
 well I hope this doesn't happen to Kouta in real life (even if Neil keeps threatening to dangle him from a rope over the next river we cross just so we get to see a croc!)
 Now here is the story of how this croc was killed ...
 this is the woman who shot the croc sitting on it ... compare it to the photo of Neil.  Either this woman is a giant or the crocodile statue is a bit over exaggerated!
 Now speaking of crapola ... I have more ... this one is for you Sharon.  Walking around last night we came across these 2 boats at opposite ends of the street and I ask Neil how does he think they got there, he responds that probably from the floods as they have had quite a few up here.  I think nothing of it and think yeah that is plausible.  So I tell you about it this morning Sharon ... well I ask Neil again and for some strange reason I think he is crapping on (like he normally does!) and why I didn't think he was crapping on last night I don't know.  So here I am thinking these 2 boats were placed here by the towns folk for tourist reasons ...

when it is not it is Neil feeding me his crapola!!!  The moral of this story is never believe a yarn Neil tells you!
So this is my last posting on the blog until we reach Cloncurry which is either in 4 or 5 days depending on how strong the headwinds will be!  Catcha later.  Oh we still don't get mobile phone reception out here ... damn Aldi!!!

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