October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 8 on Pitcairn (Wednesday 28 August)

I think there is the threat of rain today so Brenda thought it might be a good idea to climb up to Christians Cave which is at the end of the eco trail.  Although Mum, Dad and Uschi wouldn't be able to climb up to the cave itself they still came along for the eco trail.  Mum and Dad started walking with us from Brendas' and Lea Ann and Uschi joined us at the eco trail start. 
On the way just past town I finally saw my first breadfruit tree ...
and its' fruit (not in season at the moment)
The eco trail is quite an easy trail and is popular because it is relatively flat and informative ...
this trail passes the school (8 students there and they are in their school holidays so they like to hang around with us!)
along the way is this huge overhanging rock which is a great place to regroup as we tend to all disperse and waunder around at different paces ...
Dad seems to be coping okay with one arm ... his walking stick comes in handy ...
Just at the base of the cliff Dad and Uschi decide this is how far they will go but Mum has bit of a stubborn streak in her and is trying to regain her youth and continues on up the first part of the climb until the wind (which is blowing across us) forces her to stop ... Brenda and Neil both cursing her and saying that she shouldn't go any further!  I think Mum know her limits and just wanted to see how far she could get ... I think in her youth she was bit of a mountain goat (I think everyone here in their youth were mountain goats!).
So up we start climbing ... it is not a cliff face per say more a rock climb.  The rock is different to the rock at Down Rope (which was black and a little slippery) here the rock was lighter, porous and if you had good tread on your shoes (or in the case of the islanders - feet) it was easy climbing ...
while I say it was easy climbing it is by no means easy aerobically for those not so fit ...
Mum is the 2nd person from the top right of the photo (Dad is sitting at the base of the climb) not long after this photo was taken she stops ..
Like I said before the wind was blowing hard across us but not dangerous enough to blow us off!  Check out Sharon and Lea Ann ...
about 1/2 way up you come to a tunnel

In front of Sharon is a shear drop and also the way that they islandersv(back when Mum and Brenda were young goats!) use to come up to Christians cave (not the way we have just come) and from this tunnel they follow the trail we take. 
From here it is a bit of rock climbing and trail work to the cave which is alot shallower than what I thought
They say that this is where Fletcher Christian use to come and keep watch out for ships when they first landed on the island after the mutiny.
Now this cave is frequented by adventurous tourists like ourselves and also used by Tropic birds to nest ...
this bird was  one unhappy little camper when we all turned up!  She/He wouldn't move as it was sitting in an egg.
The view, of Adamstown and surrounds, from this cave spot is sensational ..
The lookout in the distance is Ships Landing where we were the other day.
Now I have to mention that my oldest sister Lea Ann is not exactly the outdoor tramping, sporty type person so climbing up to this cave (and climbing down Down Rope) is bit of an effort for her and also a major achievement ... these photos and the look on her face says it all!

a sheer look of relief!  But wait there is more she has to get back down!
While going down is not aerobically challenging it is every hard on the front thigh muscles as they are the ones stopping you from going 'ass over tit' down the rocks!

Once back down we all make our way along the eco trail back to the overhanging rock ... along the way back I stopped to look at the cave from the trail view ...
once back at the rock we take Mum on a quick diversion to Sailors Hide ... not sure what that was used for maybe as some form of shelter ...
By now it is getting close to lunch time so we all start heading back to Brendas for lunch ... off course in dribs and drabs - some by bike and some walking.  Lea Ann the last time she was here got her quad bike licence so she renewed it for this trip and today she was the taxi driver for some weary passengers ... check this out (almost a bit like Vietnam!)
I count 5!
Mum, Neil and I walk back and just before the climb of our last hill Olive comes out and asks us in for lunch and coffee ... we are starving so we jump at the chance.
Olive is busily making 'rolly poley' which is shaped like a cornish pastie but not filled with meat but quava.  The Claymore is returning tomorrow (Thursday) with the first round of passengers - some tourists, the attorney general and his assistant, so Olive and Steve have 2 guest with them so we decide to try to help Olive out ...

tomorrow we may take a break and try to go for a swim at the Landing.

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