October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 6 on Pitcairn (Monday 26 August)

This morning I tried to make bread (white bread) and it didn't quite work out I used too much water for the type of flour!
Neil and I decided to try to go for a swim at St Pauls Pool which is the eastern most point of the island.  We were warned that if the sea around it is rough not to swim.  So it is a gentle climb up to ships landing and then down down down to St Pauls.  Along the way we see the track to 'down rope' which Brenda says we will do some day when she is free - we are not to attempt this track without a guide.
So we continue down the track and get a spectacular view of the edge of St Pauls
We watch and can see that the sea around it is very rough which means that the ocean is coming in and over the rocks filling up the swimming pool ... it is looking less and less likely that we are going for a swim which is a pity as it is warm at the moment!
We get to an area where we can see that there was a landslide maybe a year or 2 ago.  Eventually we get to the stairs that take us down to the pool.
Climbing down the stairs you can hear the roar of the sea ...
at the base of the stairs we climb down a few rocks so we can see the entire pool.  Our spot is above where the water rushes out of the pool back into the ocean ...
The water is absolutely pouring out and most definitely we don't go for a swim as we would be swept out to sea!  Basically the water pours in from the right of where we sit and comes crashing through a gap and over the rocks and then escapes through this opening.  Below are 3 photos that depict the movement of water ... the movie(s) are better to watch!

we were sitting there watching the water crash over the rocks and it became a little eery sitting there so I decided to move and lay down on my stomach ... my reasoning was that should an absolutely freakish wave get to us and sweep us of the rocks I am less likey to be swept off while lying down compared to sitting up!  Unlike 'albie mangle' down below ...
check out that plumbers crack!
After a while we decide to make our way back ... you can see that the area is not as furtile as the land around the township and most definitely the landslip discourages you from building a house up here despite the view ...
We walk back and it is all up up and up! I am beginning to feel like a mountain goat!  We stop and have a look at Ships Landing
where you get a great view of the island and all its' houses ...
up at Ships Landing there is a survey marker ...
We get back to have lunch and we just finish when Lea Ann and Uschi turn up saying that Dad has had an accident and that he has slipped over at The Landing (where the Long Boats are launched) and has dislocated his right shoulder ... so we go down and get Mum and go see Dad who is in the medical center (the island has a Doctor).
He looks okay and is awake but has to stay there for another hour
So to kill time we take Mum to go a visiting.
He is fine and wants to take the ship back home.  Brenda will chat to the Captain on Thursday as the Claymore is back on the island on Thursday with the passenger run.
After lunch Lea Ann and Brenda went out fishing with Len, Shaun, Dave and Randy and between the six of them over a few hours they catch around 180 odd fish!
So dinner tonight was Nanwei, Brenda and Len cooked it on their bbq ...

Tomorrow is Down Rope!

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