October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 6 of Sailing (Tuesday)

Beautiful day outside and our first breath of fresh air in 5 days!

Over the previous 5 days of sailing either we were stuck in our beds throwing up or waundering around the boat with all the doors closed due to the rough seas.
I woke after 12 hours of sleep … those tablets sure do knock you out! I couldn’t believe just how late it was when I went up on the 2nd level for brekky the door was open and the fresh air was unbelievably refreshing.  I could see the water was a lot calmer than the previous days even last night the boat wasn’t rocking as much as on previous days and nights.  I even have regained my appetite … every morning Jane makes muffins and I haven’t been able to stomach anything with the exception of dry toast and cabin bread … this morning I didn’t want to tempt fate and stuck with dry toast and a cuppa and now I feel fine not much nausea.  Having a shower this morning was also a lot easier … didn’t have to hang on to something and wasn’t thrown from one side of the shower to the other.
It is getting walmer as we enter into the subtropical waters.  Neil and I are in shorts and t shirts (yesterday we were in them although in the afternoon I had to put a jumper on).  Dad seems better he too had lost his appetite … what a sad sight it was Dad and I just looking at the delicious muffins and being unable to reach out and take one to eat … really pitiful it was!  I think Mum is also a little better and had cereal and toast for brekky and a cuppa coffee.  I still think she will be going back by plane if she can get a seat on the small plane from Mangareva to Papeete.
Did a little spring cleaning this morning and tidied up the cabin putting things back and organising it a little better.

Brenda doesn’t get up until just before lunch but she is a night person whereas all of us are out at 8pm!
I think she is bored so she doesn’t get up early and possibly a little home sick.
We spent most of the day up on the third level – but just before lunch we had an emergency drill …. We we meant to have one on the 2nd day of sail but considering 5 out of 8 passengers were busy with their heads in a bucket it sort of didn’t eventuate so they had one today.  Basically they sounded the long alarm and we moved from our 3rd level lounge to right next door to the dining area … not far for us but poor David was still asleep and had to run up 3 flights of stairs!  After putting on our life jackets we sat there watching the crew go through their procedures.
After lunch we sat around our little 10” computer to watch a few episodes of The Straits – the ABC drama about a drug dealing family in Far North Qld and PNG.  Sharon is hooked on this series so every day after lunch we devote 2 hours to this.
The rest of the afternoon is just spent lying around watching movies and reading for those that can stomach it (generally Dad and Neil).
The evening was spent playing rounds of Scrabble … we are teaching Dad, Mum and Sharon the game and all its’ strategies … Brenda knows and understands the strategy already but the complaints we keep getting from Sharon and Dad … OMG!  I have a few more grey hairs from those 2!

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