October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 11 & 12 of Sailing (Sunday and Monday)

It is Monday and it is day 12 of sailing, nothing much happened on day 11, but it should be all go today, we arrive at Mangareva to pick up Lea Ann and Uschi. 
This morning it is very calm and an ideal time to have a quick tour of the engine room with Bob.  Sharon, Dad and I put on our safety ‘jandals’ and headed down stairs.  Surprisingly it is quiet compared to the rest of the ship except for when you actually go into where the engines are …

According to the dials it is around 44 degrees celsius in the engine room itself.

Sharon and Dad did the first tour as there was only 2 spare ear muffs.

First you enter where the generators are – there are 2 (1 per engine)

You cross a little bridge and then you enter where the engines are, this room is a lot warmer than the other 2 and also noisy
Don’t ask me anything about engines as I know and understand nothing

Really all I heard was each engine is 8 cylinders (whatever that means) and that they are currently at around 345 degrees celcius so try not to lean on them with the sway of the ship!

Coming back I passed the auxillary or backup generator

After chatting with Bob in the engine room we then decided to get a photo of Janes’ galley

I have only really had my appetite back the past 3 days so I have missed a lot of Janes lovely cooking … Dad says that he will miss Janes cooking while he is on the island!
Lunch was chicken pies and that was spent watching a movie just idling away time until we get to Mangareva.  We started seeing the islands around 2pm and due to the very low cloud sometimes we didn’t see them at all.

Estimated time of dropping anchor was round 3pm. 
Fortunately for us Maurice invited us up to the Bow as we entered the islands and passed over the reef.  It was fantastic being up there.  In order to get there we had to walk between the giant flower pots (water tanks), scramble over the timber and catch and walk around the funnel stack thing

Of course being at the bow of the ship for the first time in our lives we enact the titanic with Sharon being the suitable damsel!

It was great being up there we looked over the side to see just how a deep indigo blue the sea was and as we went over the reef it became more shallow but unfortunately due to the overcast day we couldn’t see the bottom.  Before coming to the reef the ocean is around 4000m deep and then all of a sudden there is a shelf (the reef) and the depth becomes around 300m deep.  Peering over the side we got a good view of one of the anchors …

And here is looking back towards the bridge

And here is the island of Mangareva itself – Lea Ann and Uschi are staying in the township of Rikitea which is on the other side of this view of the island

We dropped anchor around 3.19pm and Hamish and Wade got the zodiac out – ironically it felt like they were 2 agents getting in a zodiac to do something naughty (just like the Rainbow Warrior saga!). So they zoomed off around the point (as we were hiding out of view) while there Hamish had our passports to get it stamped that we arrived and then departed although we didn’t officially get of the boat we still had to have the passports stamped.  They picked up Lea Ann and Uschi … meanwhile we just hung around the bridge
You can see our next leg of the voyage – Gambier islands to Pitcairn Island.  And Neil and Dad where keeping an eye out for the zodiac … and also sticky beaking as to what they might see on the island (not much really)

I didn’t get any photos of Lea Ann and Uschi arriving as it is all in a movie.  They were both relieved to get on board they had been on Mangareva for 2 nights and had yet to have  a hot shower as the shower is solar and there is not much sun around here lately! 
Later in the evening we had yet another time change – our final clock change to make us 20 hours behind NZ.
Thought I would put this here, since NZ we have seen birds (even when we were 1000 miles from land) and not sure it if is always the same ones but Neil finally managed to get one in a photo

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