October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bell to Dalby

Bell to Dalby = 43km
Cummulative total = 6557km

Got away early this morning so we could get to Dalby early to do both the wheels on the bikes.
It was a pleasant ride with no wind to speak off and relatively flat all the way - once closer to Dalby it really was flat!!!
Just out of Bell we looked back and there was an impressive view of the Bunya Mountains.

Just before coming into Dalby there is a few bumps to get over by most importantly the road today was really bad especially close to Dalby and funny enough it is all on the side of the road that we are travelling on - which means that all the heavy trucks are travelling towards Dalby and approaching it from the north are using the Bunya highway but the other side of the road going north out Dalby is really smooth so no heavy trucks go that way! So we spent alot of time in the middle of the road avoiding some seriously damaged roads.

We got to Dalby just after 10am and went to the showgrounds but unfortunately they don't allow camping anymore there so we had to come to the caravan park which normally costs $21 for unpowered but she only charged the single rate of $15.
So we worked on the wheels for most of the afternoon and also managed to get our laundry done and dried, the dog washed and dried (as he seriously stunk!) and stocked up on some food ... I now know that I also suffer from the 'orange sticker' syndrome as I just went beserk on the bakery markdowns - I may have to get rear panniers to carry all my mark downs!
Tomorrow we are hoping to leave Dalby and go to Cecil Plains but there is forecasted rain and we think it is coming in the evening but we are not sure. We don't particularly want to stay here in Dalby for a rest day and prefer it in a smaller town like Millmerran which is where we will be on Friday if we leave Dalby tomorrow.

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