October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Woo hoo we're on our way!

Bayswater - Warburton = 48km (via rail trail)

We are in cold but sunny Warburton, it is damn cold!!! Kouta is currently fast asleep while we start preparing for dinner.
One thing is for sure that we are out of condition and practice!!!! Starting with the 2 hills (canterbury rd and Mt Evelyn) where I have to say I (Janet) ended up licking the front wheel and Neil walked parts of it!!! Our lungs are still recovering!
But at Mt Evelyn we joined up with the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail ...a beautiful trail that runs up a valley with Mt Donna Buang (spelling?) on one side and hills on the other ... simply marvellous. The day was hard due to the 2 hills at the start but I think next time we might go back to training it to Lilydale and doing the 5km gentle railtrail climb to Mt Evelyn. But it was still an enjoyable day and by the end of the 46km our legs began to feel it.
On our way through the trail we saw John Woods (actor from Blue Heelers) and his little dog and I nearly fell off my bike ... I didn't know he lived out this way (well East of Melbourne) but Neil knew he lived somewhere here.
The country side is very lush and green and the caravan park here are Warburton cost us $20 for unpowered and takes dogs. The showers cost $1 for 5mins but I am sure I only got 3 1/2 mins! I know we are out of season for camping and I know tonight I think it will get absolutely freezing but we have a campsite alongside the Yarra and I am now wondering if the waterflow noise will keep me awake tonight!
Tomorrow we should be on our way to Noojee - until then ciao!


  1. Hi de hi campers :)
    congratulations on your 1st day of your tour de pedals & paws. Have to 46kms is amazing, sounds wonderful even if hard going!!! i have the google map up & am following your trail of exciting adventures!!! although i cant find tomorrows noojee on the map.
    have just tried to skype but i imagine you are in bed now after your exhausting day, i hope the flowing sound of water is not keeping you awake.
    Thats funny about the shower - gosh dont think 3 and 1/2minutes would even wet my hair!!!
    what delight did you cook for your 1st dinner? hope its not too cold out under the stars?
    well guys take care out there, good luck, keep safe, am off to find noojee on the map.
    lots of love & hugs
    shaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi there,
    Glad to hear that you are finally on your way.You sure went a long way. Well done.
    Hope the weather stays fine and you enjoy yourself.
    Love Jude

  3. Hi guys,
    Sorry I missed your call. Thanks for the blue and white birthday card. Loved it.
    Mum and Dad rang to get instructions on how to read you text. Got through it, but then decided to read your blog to them. Dad has been up to the library and can now access the blog. Hope its not too cold tonight!
    Cheers L and R

  4. say "Hi" to Warby for me. I assume the Yarra isn't overflowing now, otherwise you wouldn't be able to camp at the caravan park.

    Take it carefully going to Noojee and watch out for the timber jinkers between Powelltown and Noojee. And just after Powelltown is a huge Alder tree(the biggest in Australia). Dont know if it is worth looking at; I've been told its pretty impressive.

    Hope you stay warm tonight