October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, October 16, 2009

rosedale to stratford

rosedale to stratford 46km
cumulative total 294km
wind w to sw

we took backroads to maffra this morning and i must say they were excellant. no traffic.
must have a good local member. mostly dairyfarms and cows to look at. dog likes the smells.
there is very green lush grass everywhere. and surprisingly water channels in every paddock that were full of water. must do a lot of irrigation over summer.

tailwinds all the way kept us cruising at 20km+. very flat and we a getting stronger as each day passes. janet is strong on the flat and I am stronger uphill. our mood is on the up with the change in the weather. in 9 days on the road it has not been above 17C and most of the time it is 12 or less.
janet is currently chatting to sharon in auckland. they have been talking on skype for 1hr 20min and only used 30mb. our internet reception with optus is excellant.
enough for now. photos tomorrow

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