October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Traralgon - Rosedale

Traralgon - Rosedale = 40km (via Glengarry)
Cummulative total = 248km

Just a short ride today basically just down the road to Rosedale, we are free camping at a rest area along side the main hwy! We took the quiet country road via Glengarry and probably had less than 10 cars and trucks pass us either way today! fab riding, flat and with a tailwind. Thought there was a caravan park here but only a rest area, a few others are here as well.
Stopped raining today so we could ride but it has been showery this afternoon which was predicted. We felt like Dorothy in the wizard of oz today as you could see the rain and weather coming from our left where the divide is and heading behind us and to the right where the other set of mountains are and as we pedal along we are both thinking is the weather going to catch up to us and pour down or is it going around us ... lucky for us it went around us until we got to Rosedale and then it just poured down right as we were putting the tent up!
Tomorrow I think we are heading for Stratford and the weather is improving!

1 comment:

  1. hi guys
    wow you are amazing cycling through wonderland, quite unbelievable your weather. good luck getting to stratford- i have just tried to google map your rosedale free camping site, gosh rosedale is a very small place,couldnt see any tents on my map though.
    hope you dont wake up with any leeches on you.
    lots of love and hugs