October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fine tuning the bikes

Yet another ride down to Jells Park, this time with the dog and ALL the luggage in tow. The above is a photo of Neil and his bike. He has the essentials in his trailer and below is a photo of me on my bike with the other essential ... Kouta!
Looking at the 2 bikes without big back panniers is a little unusual but the 2 BOB trailers tow absolutely perfectly ... they attach to the bike with ease and certainly follow the line of the bike.
You do feel a little pull from the weight of the trailer as you go up a hill but after touring with back panniers for so long I am sure we will adjust to the 'feel' of the BOB trailers.
Another point of interest when travelling with BOB trailers is the fact that previously we had 2 big rear panniers to put our essentials in and now those 4 panniers have had to become 1 trailer bag (which is near impossible) so we had to resort to 2 small front panniers now attaching to the back of my bike just for the little bits and pieces that are essential for touring.

Tomorrow is another day of cycling to Jells Park, we are just getting our legs 'in' so to speak ... not too mention just look at my WHITE pale legs ... will have to change that!!!!


  1. Nice photos. Hope the weather fines up and you have a great trip. Kouta don't go chasing any ferral rabbits!!!

  2. The previous comment by jag was really me! Have fun! Will see you when you ride down out way.