October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, October 23, 2009

Orbost to Lakes Entrance

Orbost - Lakes Entrance = 58km (via A1)
cummulative total = 542km

So here we are in the lovely Lakes Entrance. It was a hard day cycling for me today (Janet) but Neil just takes everything in his stride! I think it was the fact that I didn't really want to cycle on the main highway (I prefer quiet roads) but we had no other choice. It was up and down, noisy and just plain ole yucky! But we eventually got here.
The caravan park is in the middle of renovations so we are stuck in the corner out off everyones way which is great for the dog as he gets to run around and we are only a small walk away from the beach.
Below are photos of Kouta and his FIRST encounter with the surf and I have to admit that he doesn't like water especially a bath or a lake but he LOVED the surf. Photo 1 is where he approaches it and Photo 2 is his reaction!!!

LOL he was hilarious to watch and he loved it so much he thought it was a game between him and the surf. He loved the surf bubbles and chased them all time. It was also hilarious to watch Neil with the dog lead having to keep up with him!!! Kouta is now currently dead to the world and is so exhausted.
We stay here at Lakes Entrance until Monday so tomorrow I think we will be spending our time at the beach amusing Kouta!


  1. hi guys,

    you sound like you are having a great time. You make me tired reading about you.
    You write a great travel diary Janet. Im glad Kouta is enjoying himself. I showed Mum and Dad your blog and they send their best to you.
    Look forward to the next chapter.
    Love Jude