October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, May 16, 2014

Rest day at Mount Morgan - day 5

Sorry I didn't do a blog yesterday but we didn't do much except chillax around the tent ... a little windy and cold to go for a swim so I continued on with a jigsaw puzzle that the owners mother had started in the laundry (she has 2 going) got quite a bit done ... I left her all the green bits to do ... there are at least 3 different areas of different shades of green to this puzzle ... the difficult part of this puzzle!
We did go into town to get some food and I finally managed to pull over and get a photo of this ...
 according to the literature a cutter is a billy can and in this towns hey day when there were 26 pubs to service the 16,000 people here they use to sell beer in billy cans and it was drunk in Cutters lane behind the  School of Arts.  So during the May Day festivities (modern day) they celebrate this by having a Running of the Cutter relay race between the remaining 4 pubs.
Speaking of the pubs ... this is the one that is in the town center - Grand Hotel ...
 So today we decided that we would go swimming after lunch when it is a little warmer so I decided to do a chore that I have been putting off all week.
Last year we went to a bike show and there was a sunglass display of sunnies that fit over spectacles so we spent $80 and got me one.  I used it over summer and it was great.  But once I put my treadly peak cover on the helmet I was having all sorts of problems with these sunnies.  First their attachment (a simple small buckle you pull at the back to secure the string to keep the sunnies in place) was interfering with the bulky helmet tightening system at the back, so I changed it for thin elastic.  Then I found that after a few hours cycling the sunnies arms would put pressure on my spectacle arms so it pressed against my head and would ache and that came down to the helmet with all the material from the treadly was pushing down on the 2 arms and putting pressure on them and making them tight against my head.  So I tried various things for the first 3 weeks of cycling and then just put them aside and used my clip ons on my spectacles.
So over the past 5 weeks I have been carrying these extra sunnies thinking I would post them home but never getting around to it.  So I said that when we have our weeks break I will do something about them ... well we took the plunge and tossed ideas around and I tried to explain my problem to Neil and what i thought would be the best solution which would either completely ruin a pair of $80 sunnies or vastly improve them so that I could wear them comfortably.   So we went ahead and did it and shortened the arms and put in new holes ...
 I laughed at the end result as they look stumpy!
 on me they feel very comfortable and don't go over my ears instead they stop just before and the elastic takes over and secures around the head.  I tried them when we went for a swim and they seemed good ... I will know if I can wear them for the whole cycle journey on Monday ... I am almost sure they will work ...
So on our way to swimming at the dam I was ahead of Kouta and not paying attention to the road and I look down at my foot in the pedal and next thing I see something that I thought was a small piece of rope as it was all twisted and then slowly the thought processes kick in and I see 2 eyes and I pulled out (lucky the road was quiet) pointed down and looked in my mirror and saw Neil was way behind me so I yelled snake and he immediately goes to the other side of the road!  It was dead but it was still fresh and had that glow to it.  It was only a small snake and it is a shame that it got run over .... poor thing!  We haven't seen a live snake this trip, seen a few dead ones ... I am expecting to see more as we head north into warmer weather and then in spring down in South Australia.
Tomorrow is our last rest day so we think we might start to put everything back in its place and be less spread out compared to what we are now!  Geelong vs. Fremantle tomorrow night on TV ... so looking forward to that.

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