October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rest day at Mount Morgan - day 2

Well Day 2 of our rest was spent reading in the morning as it was a little chully (must be becoming like Queenslanders ... finding 22 degrees cool!)  After lunch we found it quite warm in the sun so we decided that we would go for a swim and on our way there we would go to a lookout that the information guy yesterday said to Neil to go.  Well I do remember informing this guy that we were on bicycle and why he recommended this lookout I don't know ... I do know that a lookout involves a hill and being in Mount Morgan that really is a no brainer but what we didn't count on was the hill to the lookout felt like a 15%er and I am sure it was as I struggled and I wasn't even loaded ... I only had Kouta in the trailer!
The lookout was over the historic mine ...

 sweat was pouring off us at the top of the lookout so definitely a swim was in order.  So we came back do to town and rode through it and up to Dam No.7.  We got there and there was a bunch of oldies having a luncheon so we chose our spot, set Kouta up all comfy but he definitely had a look in his eyes that we were going to give him a bath in this giant bucket!
 the water is warm on the top or surface but once out in the deep it was cooler on the feet so it was best to float on the surface where the water was warm ...
 The dam to swim in is lovely and this is what every rest area should have!  We recommend that the Mount Morgan council build a caravan park on the shores of this dam and this will make everyone in a caravan stop here rather than continue to Rockhampton or Yeppon etc..
One thing we got to sport today was some new white t shirts!  here is Neil - his isn't too bad as he wears a long sleeve shirt while cycling ...
 mine on the other hand is rather obvious ...
 On our way back into town we decided to take a short cut across this swing bridge ...
neil tried to ride across it but had to get off and walk his bike!
Not sure what we are doing tomorrow ... maybe go for a swim!

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