October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, May 9, 2014

Coominglah RA to Biloela

 Coominglah RA to Biloela = 76km
Cummulative Totals = 2302km and 22,303km
Biloela Discovery Caravan Park = $20 unpowered

Gosh it feels good to have had a shower!!!  It is Friday afternoon and my last shower was Tuesday morning!
Another big day today in terms of distance.  We knew there was more to this range than what we rode yesterday.  So we guessed we still hadn't quite reached the top and like with ALL Australian hills there is no such thing as up to the top and down to the bottom there is always partial up, then a wee down, then a oh let's do a little more climbing, then what the hell why not go down a bit, then a ok this is the last climb before the true down hill!!!  And so this Coominglah range is no exception.  From the rest area there is a small down to a 1km gradual climb then you think you are at the top due to seeing this 9% sign ...
 but oh no you go hurtling down this small hill only to gradually climb again for around 1.5km to the true top of the climb which is about 5km from the rest area, then the gradual down hill which has a 9% corner (great going down but not up!).  It is hard to say where the bottom is of this hill as we had a tail wind and that sort off kept us moving along on flattish ground!  Now we have done this range both ways it is definitely easier from the Monto side to Biloela side.  I remember doing it from the Biloela end ... it was an incredibly long day to the rest area and in hindsight I think it is best to do a bush camp at the 9%er mark as there is quite a few tracks and old roads leading of the main road from here.
At our first break of the day after the descent we could see the range itself and I reckon this is a break down of the ride ...
 why they didn't take a less hilly way I don't know!  So from 15km to 25km it is undulating and then the flattish road kicks in as well as the tail wind which is very strong and so glad it is behind us as that means it will be a quicker ride to Biloela and I can get all my hand washing done!
We take a cuppa break at about 38km in a gravel area and the view of the ranges are sensational, this is the view of the Calliope ranges ...
 and I think this is the view of the Kroombit Tops National Park - just guessing as all the little mountain tops (hence the name!)
 From here the road meanders along and we are sitting on about 21km per hour because of the wind.  About 25km out of Biloela there is a rest area with a few campers there but the toilets are really grotty and there is no water From here it is a drop down to the plains below where  we come across some road works and have to wait for 10 mins while they tow the little machine with 4 wheels at the back and a big roller at the front as it had managed to wedge itself on the side of the road as the drop was too steep for it!  entertaining to say the least!
Another sandwich stop at Thangool and by now the legs are beginning to feel heavy and the shoulders are getting weary and the butt is beginning to feel a bit sore due to all the pedalling and very little free wheeling!
We get to Biloela at around 1pm so we made good time and I was very weary and so was Kouta ... so much that he couldn't even bother lying in his basket properly for his "nana nap" ...
We decided to stay at the Discovery park as it is closer to town and cheaper.  They normally don't get tenters here so they put us on a grass strip and we have our own ensuite (all other sites have their own ensuite) so fingers crossed no other tenter turns up!  The ensuite has a shower and toilet and a fridge which has an ice box that has overflowed and needs defrosting as the door won't close but by putting the food close to the ice should keep the food cool.
Tomorrow is another 70km odd ride to Dululu which is a rest area then a 35km ride on Sunday to Mt Morgan which is where we will take a break for 1 week ... believe me I am feeling like we need a long break!!!

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