October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yerong Creek to Coolamon

 Yerong Creek to Coolamon = 77km
Cummulative totals = 486km and 20, 487km
Coolamon caravan park = $10 powered (and also for unpowered)

What a day yesterday was ... all 3 of us got completely saturated from the rain!
Not having internet for the past 2 days we weren't quite sure on the rain situation and not being able to look on the radar as to where the rain is and where it is travelling we sort of left Yerong Creek knowing that we may get rain sometime during the day but when and how much and for how long we weren't quite sure!!!
So we got an early start around 8am and rejoined the Olympic highway for around 15km to The Rock - todays travel on the highway was a bit better than the previous days - it is basically a steady climb up, a short wait at the lights while they are doing road works and then a nice gradual down hill to the Rock which is the birthplace of Florences mother - Neils grandmother so this photo is for you Heather!
 It is a reasonable size town and is growing since Wagga Wagga which is about another 35km further on is getting bigger and bigger and I assume it is cheaper to buy a home in The Rock and work in Wagga Wagga ... which is NSW biggest inland city ... not sure how many people live there and probably not really interested in going there now since it will be to populated ... we did go there when I first came to Australia and the campground was on the Murrumbidgee river.  On our way out of town heading towards Collingullie I did manage to get this photo of what I presume is The Rock ...
 so there is a steep short climb to get out of the Rock on the way to Collingullie and we were about 5km out and the rain started, so we stopped to put our water proof bags on the rear bag thinking that it is just a shower and then it really bucketed down so we pulled over quickly whipped the mat from under Kouta so he has something that is dry at the end of the day, tried desperately to find his raincoat (which we couldn't find in the end) in the meantime Kouta has jumped out and is making for the nearest shelter he can find to keep himself dry, he finds a tree so Neil goes over to him and tries to protect him from the rain the poor thing is huddled in a ball, shaking and looking all forlorn and woe is me! ... yeah whatever Kouta get over it!  Meanwhile Neil and I are soaked to the bone and decide to put the raincoats on even if it is to keep warm.  So all 3 off us are under this pine tree trying to keep Kouta as dry as possible but the rain is so heavy that eventually we end up dripping all over him and he doesn't like being near us as the drips are making him wet ... (we now are calling him princess!) eventually the rain stops so we restart only to  have it bucket down again a few kms later, so we find a nice pine tree that is lovely and dry and pull over to let the shower pass.  It is a shame I couldn't get some photos of him but the camera was tucked away keeping dry!
So this shower passes and we continue on but it is not long until it restarts lightly so we keep cycling to Collingullie.  Now Kouta doesn't like the rain and doesn't sit at all in the trailer while it is raining as ... get this ... he doesn't like getting his bottom wet! oh my gosh do we have a little princess with us or what!
At Collingullie we seek shelter behind the hall and it has a nice covered area for us and the bikes ... the rain has stopped briefly (but not for long!)  so I duck into the toilet and I come out and I look at Kouta and think wow I have a new looking dog ...
 for those of you that don't see Kouta all that often he his grey around his mouth and face and now he has a red look about him!  It does make him a lot younger so maybe this is his version of 'mutton dressed up as lamb!!!' here is a side profile ...
 so he is one wet little dog at the moment and it is only going to get worse.  The rain restarts and we try to wait it out but we can see that it is not getting any lighter and is definitely didn't look like it was clearing up.  So off we go - Coolamon is another 37km away.  It is a pleasant and easy ride for the first 9km as you are on the flat and cross over the Murrumbidgee river and then at the 28km turnoff it is nothing but undulations to go up to the mobile tower which is about 15km away.  It was tough going the legs were beginning to feel tired and the steepness of some of the climbs ... crikey the gears got a work out!  Meanwhile the rain has become a light rain and I am not sure if I am wet from a leaking coat or if it is sweat.  Once at the mobile tower you would think there is a down hill ... no that doesn't exist in NSW it is more undulations to go down!  At about 8km out from Coolamon the road flattens out and it is a relatively easy ride getting into Coolamon.  I tell you all 3 of us are soaked but so relieved to get to this place, we had already decided to stay 3 nights!
the park has a few people here ... we stayed here on our way back down from Queensland 4 years ago - actually this is the place before we went to Lockhart where we got flooded out ... in fact this area needs rain and isn't it funny the last time we were in this area it flooded and we come here today and it is raining ... we think we are rain givers!!! LOL
So the rain has ceased and we are able to set up the tent, everything we have is wet ... all our shoes, outer bags koutas baskets etc.  There is no chance for it to dry out when we get there so we dump it all in the annex for the next day.  It rained for most of the evening and night - not heavy just constant.
We woke this morning to a cloudy day and a light mist every now and then.  After brekky which was late, as we slept in, we set about trying to dry things but the light rain mist which would come for a minute and then disappear made all our efforts pointless, nevertheless we perservered and our efforts have paid off as it is a little sunny now and there is a breeze so fingers crossed everything gets dried ... especially Koutas outer basket ... he was lost without it last night in the tent but he made do on our sleeping bags ... he particularly was lost this morning as he doesn't like to sit on wet ground (remember his doesn't like getting his bottom wet!) so he gives you that "woe is me look can I sit on your lap ... I know I have wet feet but you will get over it" type look and off course Neil is immune to that look from Kouta and doesn't give in ... unlike me ...
Kouta looks very dry and comfy there!
So we are here Thursday and Friday and hopefully the weather has passed and we can head out on Saturday.
MUM - Will skype you tomorrow (Friday) morning around 10am nz time if you want.  check your emails!

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  1. Hi guys. Sounds like you are having soooooo much fun! We got some of the rain too, about 18 mm since last night. I played golf, light to start off, but it did get heavier later on. Still very warm though. Cheers