October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rest day at Corowa

Just a few photos of the bridge here at Corowa ...
 The bridge was made way back in the late 1800's (I think!) and what amazes me is the section on the NSW side is held up by timber still ...
 I don't think they are the original timbers!  but it is a one way bridge controlled by lights and it still has timber as it's surface base as you can here them move as the cars go over it but the timber is covered with a think bitumen ...
 you can see the outline of the timber and also the bolts that secure them and obviously the bitumen layer is very thin and wearing away.
 It is suppose to be 26 degrees today but it is very cold here in the shade and pleasant enough in the sun but not 26, I am in my thermals and polar fleece vest while Neil is in his woollen jumper.
Although we are unpowered here there is a power point at the bbq so we take advantage of it and recharge everything .... at this point we have 5 items on the charge ...
 Our adapter has 1 power point (which has one of the tablets charging on it) and 4 usbs which consists of the other tablet, mobile phone, spare battery pack and the last one is the speaker!!!
you are probably thinking this is a bit overloaded and unsafe but bear in mind the items are not high demanders of power so the flow of electricity to each one is low.
Enjoying this rest day and have spent the morning looking over maps and correcting some of my distances!

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