October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 13 on Pitcairn (Monday 2 September)

Not much happening today ... I think all the walking and physical activity is making Neil tired ... he had to go for a nana nap before lunch!  So I decided to go for a quick walk on roads that I haven't been on before - to Ailihau Lookout.
I managed to finally see the tennis courts which has be recently relaid ...
It is not far to the look out - around a 20 min quick walk, just before getting there I passed to ladies visiting from Switzerland who arrived here last Thursday and are leaving on the same boat as us but getting of at Mangareva to do the flight way home.  I asked why did they come here to Pitcairn Island ... one said that she had read all about the history and place and now that there is a regular service to the island that it is possible to visit the island.
The look out is nice but there are more spectacular lookouts on the island ...
I think where the lookout is there may have been a landslip at some recent point as there is alot of red dirt lying around.
After the lookout I went back the same way and then diverted to a place called the edge to where the all the machinery is kept ... Ray you will like this ...

I came back for lunch and Mum, Sharon and Bradley has been in town visiting and they had picked some sugar cane so I had a chew on one of the canes

basically you peel the outer green layer to expose the fibrous inner and you crush it with your teeth or chew on it and suck the juice from it at the same time.  It is quite sweet and nice to eat.
Later on in the afternoon Mum and I went down to Aunty Olives to see if she had any baskets for sale (the strapping kind) but she wasn't home so we came back to Brendas and we were chatting and she said she has some moulds and strapping left over from when Nana Dobrey use to make them ... so she cut the strapping for me and then showed me what to do and here I am on my way weaving my own basket ...
it is quite easy once you get started and with the mould (a large wooden box) I now realise how the basket takes shape and is made entirely out of one piece.  It should take me a day or 2 to complete depending on how much spare time I have.
Later on that night we went to a lovely lamb roast dinner up at Cousin Andys and I am afraid Kouta you stand no chance on this Island when it comes to the left over bones ...
If it is not Brenda it would be Mum!

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